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10 Tips On How To Successfully Land A Date On A Dating App

Navigating a dating app to land the perfect date can be harder than landing a date in real life sometimes. But your online love life doesn’t have to be so difficult; all you need are some tips and you’ll be meeting The One in no time. Here are 10 tips that will help you move past the digital screen and onto a real face to face date.

1. Your Profile Matters To You

To attract the right guy to your post, your profile needs to strongly represent who you are. Little white lies will just waste your time because the guy wasn’t interested in who you actually are. Don’t sugarcoat your profile into something that you think others might find attractive because the man who is worth your time, likes you for who you are and just the way you are. Be honest and be yourself 100%! It’s the quickest way to weed out the time-wasters and find The One.

2. Shot Your Shoot

If you see someone you’re interested in, don’t waste your time waiting for him to hit you up. Maybe, the guy you like is shy! You can take the initiative and start the conversation. The awesome perk is that you can set up how this conversation will go. Whether you want to start with hard-hitting questions or some small talk, you are the one in charge and you can lead the conversation in whatever direction you want to go.

3. Don’t come on too strong

You’ve started the conversation and you’re leading it but don’t overtake the conversation. It’s okay to be excited but when you’re so excited that you are sending off messages faster than your crush can reply, you could be scaring him away. Make sure your timing and texts are evenly matched so you don’t overwhelm the man with your affection. It’s okay in the beginning to play some cards close to the chest.

4. Don’t come off uninterested

While working the mysterious angle can be quite attractive to some guys, don’t become so mysterious that it looks like you’re uninterested. You absolutely don’t want to rapidly reply to his texts if he’s only replying once an hour or tell him how absolutely stunned you are by the way he looks. But you also don’t want to reply with one-worded texts and wait twenty-four hours to reply to his message. You do want him to know that you are interested and you like him enough to see where this goes.

5. Find common interests fast.

The best way to get a conversation going is to find out what common interests you might have. It is a great way to not only find out more about each other but you also have something to bond over. Once this is established, you guys will have something that you agree on and something you can debate over. The difference in opinion over a common subject will drive your conversation.

6.  Establish a good back and forth on your conversation

Once you have a conversation going, don’t stop! Don’t play the waiting game and stall when you have a solid back and forth going in your messages. Keeping pace with his replies shows him that you are interested and that you are engaged. The rapid-fire messages assure both of you that this could actually go somewhere.

7. Be direct.

If you want a short-term fling or you are looking for long-term love, you should tell him. If you want to move this past the phone screens and into a real-life cafe for some face-to-face conversation, tell him. Don’t waste your time dropping hints or subtle clues. While it may be obvious to you what you’re trying to signal, he might miss whatever hints you are dropping. Take the initiative again and tell him exactly what you want.

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8. Give several people a second chance.

In the world of online dating, it’s so easy to judge everyone on first appearances and first impressions. Whenever someone messes up in a small way, it’s easy to give up on this potential relationship and move onto other potentials, especially when you have an endless supply of profiles. No one is perfect and many people are worth more than a first glance. Your Prince Charming could be sitting on the pile of rejects that you had so casually dismissed.

9. Be your best flirty self.

Be bold and be flirty in your conversations! You want him to know you’re interested so you should show it. You don’t have to be the ultimate seductress but have fun with your text and just flirt. Awkward flirting can be as attractive as any straight up dirty talk

10. Solid Plans

The only way to get off your phone and on a real date is to make plans. Don’t talk about ‘maybes’ and ‘what-ifs’. Make real plans for real places at a set time and commit. Once you have met, you know that future plans for meeting up again will be easy to plan and doable. You just need to get over that hump and then, you can really consider if this relationship will work out. 

Which of these tips will you be using on your dating app? Tell us in the comments!

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