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8 Tips On How To Over Come Trust Issues

8 Tips On How To Over Come Trust Issues

8 Tips On How To Over Come Trust Issues

Trust doesn’t come over night, it’s gained. And it’s especially hard to get trust back when it’s gone. When your trust has been betrayed, it’s hard to put trust in other people, and even harder to overcome your trust issues. Whether it’s one particular person who has questioned your trust, or a lot of people who have created doubts in your mind. There are small steps you can take to work on trust and work on your setbacks. Here are 8 ways to help overcome trust issues.

1. Give People Second Chances

When you have trust issues, it’s hard giving anyone a second chance, you automatically expect the worst. But, to overcome those trust issues, you have no other options. If you want to get over it, then you have to at least give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone lies to you, or does something to make you question the trust you have for them – then shame on them, not you! Giving them another chance to prove themselves might result in you actually gaining the trust back.


2. Talk About It

Always talk about how you feel. How did the person make you feel when they betrayed your trust? Or what is the reason you have trust issues in the first place? Talk it out with someone, understanding where it stemmed from could be the biggest healer of all. Accepting it and understanding it will help you move forward from it.


3. Not Everyone Is The Same

I know it’s hard to believe, but guess what? Not everybody lies. Stop automatically putting everyone in the same category, because that’s not fair on them, or you. The past isn’t always going to repeat itself, not everyone you meet will lie and betray your trust. Give everyone the opportunity to prove themselves to you, and prove they’re trustworthy.

5. Have More Confidence

Unless someone gives you a reason not to trust them, have confidence that they never will do anything to lose that trust. I know trust doesn’t come over night, trust is gained. But you have to give them the chance and opportunities to actually gain your trust. Have confidence in yourself, that you can deal with whatever comes your way, and also have confidence in other people.


6. Take No More Shit

Having trust issues is not anyone else’s problem but yours. Although your doubt in people is all down to the person (or people) who broke your trust, it’s still your setback when it comes to other people. You may have been hurt by previous people, but as you move forward, take no shit. Take control of the situation and how you go about trusting people, take no shit. If someone does you wrong, pull them up on it.

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7. Let Things Go

Even if it was one lie, of course it is going to create doubt in your mind about that particular person, and also in other other people too. Once doubt is planted in your mind, it’s hard to get it out. But you’ve got to learn to forgive and forget, and let things go. I’m not saying put all of your trust in the same person, but move on with an open mind.


8. Start Fresh

With every new person you meet, and even with the people who are already in your life. When you feel strong enough, and when you get to the point in your life where you want to trust people again, try and wipe the whole slate clean. Be brave and start a fresh – start small, put your trust in the people you know won’t disappoint you, and start building your trust up from there.

Have you got trust issues yourself? Have you got any tips on how to overcome trust issue? We’d love to know what you have to say, leave us a comment below!

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