10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Having a lot of clothes can be a headache to get things organised and running out of space is inevitable when you live in a small apartment or dorm room. When we run out of space throwing out our clothes is definitely not the best option, right?. So we decided to round up 10 useful tips on how to make the most out of a small wardrobe.

Wall hooks

Using extended areas behind doors or on your walls to hang coats, or long dresses. This way you save up much more room in the wardrobe since coats usually take up quite a lot of space. Also, opting for wall hooks inside the closet can save up much more space compared to hangers.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Stackable storage cubes

Clear storage boxes is the saviour to all storage problems, they are spacious and stackable so it uses up space efficiently. It comes in different sizes that can accustom to your storage needs and most of all your don’t need to open the box to see what you have stored in them. You can store everything from clothing to bags and shoes while keeping them free from dust and pests, they will be clean and wearable when you need them.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Hanging organisers

To make the most of a small wardrobe, use hanging organisers to free up shelving space, it is are a great way to stack your sweaters and t-shirts.. This organiser features 6 shelves that are the perfect size for storing jumpers, jeans, accessories and more. This hanger can be easily attached to any wardrobe rail.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Wardrobe dividers

Stacking your sweaters and tops can get so messy when they tumble over and you can’t find that one top you really need to wear. Shelf dividers are specially designed to solve this problem and you can colour co-ordinate your clothes and stack them neatly without intertwining everything together. This can save you so much time from reorganising your wardrobe all the time.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Clothing racks

When you live in a space with a small wardrobe, or even no wardrobe at all. Don’t fret! Buying a freestanding clothing rack can provide you with all the necessary storage options minus the amount of space a wardrobe can take up.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Tall boys

Co-opt a corner of the bedroom, or free space within your home for that extra clothing storage. You can add some trinket trays to the top of the tall boy as a decoration and to sort out all the loose accessories. This way your home will become more stylish and decluttered.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Over the door shoe hangers

Using a show rack takes up too much floor space when you live in a small apartment, and utilising everything inch of free space and essential to get things organised and looking neat. Over the door shoe hangers are both practical and stylish that can be hanged literally anywhere.

10 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Under-bed storage

Apartments have built in wall closets and they are usually not as ergonomic compared to compartmentalised wardrobes. A great place to store away unused clothes would be under your bed where there is a lot of wasted space and it won’t be an eye sore either. If you don’t want to buy too many storing boxes, using your travelling luggage to store away clothing that are not in use is a great alternative.

Store away seasonal clothing

Get into the habit of cleaning and storing seasonal items until you need them. Keep boxes or baskets to store winter items. Space Bags that can be vacuum sealed save tons of space, especially for bulky items like down jackets and winter gear. Trade them out as needed and store the summer items in their place.

Layer your clothes on hangers

Shirts and blouses that crinkle easily shouldn’t be folded as it will have those folding creases and will be hard to get rid off. Instead you can layer these pieces over a thin jacket onto one hanger, this way the clothes are layered over each other to avoid those annoying ‘shoulder horns’ that stick out when you wear them.

With these 10 easy hacks your wardrobe can become decluttered and organised.And we hope these hacks have helped you solve your storage dilemmas. What are your favourite organising hacks for small wardrobes? Let us know in the comments below.

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