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10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

One of the best things about college is getting the opportunity to start fresh, especially with your social circle, making friends in college. Each semester is an addition of hundreds of potential friends, you just have to initiate.

While friendship is something that just happens, you cannot force or compose it. However, it isn’t completely out of your control, you can initiate and cultivate it.

Here are 10 tips to make and keep new friends in college.

Get over your fear

If you are more of an introvert, you will first have to get over that fear in your head of meeting new people to be able to make new friends in college.

Striving to make a good first impression, being liked and creating an induldging environment could seem horrifying to some. While the more you try hard to keep the conversation going, it indeed only makes it more pretentious and uncomfortable.

Loosen up, be yourself while being at your best behaviour, initiate a conversation and go with the flow. You will soon be making friends in college.

Start small

If you have just moved to a new college where you dont know anyone yet, starting small could be convenient.

Throwing yourself into a whole bunch of people could get intimidating. Start with people closest to you like your classmates, roommates or other people in your dorm.

Starting with a simple hi, leading into small talks could be helpful. Don’t keep yourself bound to specific people and places. You never know who you bump into at one of the most unexpected places.

Going out with your new friends in college will let you socialize, giving you a wider option to chose from. There is a high chance that if you are comfortable with your friend, you will be comfortable with their friends too.

Being picky and difficult to leave your cozy cave should be one of the last things you would initially want to do.

Participate and attend events

Being an active member of on-campus events, parties, groups and clubs will not only introduce you to a variety of people, making friends in college, but also let you explore your talents and capabilities.

Working together towards a common goal helps people interact, involve and get to know each other more. Keep track of all events you would like to attend.

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

Take the first step

This initial uneasiness and shyness towards others develops a mental fear. It eventually builds up, unknowingly blocking one from making friends in college.

No different than you, most other people are also just as conscious and concerned about their first impression and social image. There are people who understand that a relationship takes strong values to base itself upon, instead of specific things or words, done or said, during the first encounters.

The fear of approaching a person first is so deeply rooted in our brains that each day we miss out on so many opportunities to connect with like-minded people. It has to be one of the two, why not you?

Deep breathe, Smile, say Hello!

…and the rest will flow.

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

Open up

Multiculturalism is a rapidly growing concept in the world today. You will be coming across people of various backgrounds, with a fresh approach towards life.

Not only will it be a great learning experience, but also help better florish your personality.

It is very important to be open-minded and open-hearted. Take time before forming an opnion about a person. Give every relation the chance to blossom.

You could be looking for a friend who would possibly be the closest replica of your personality and likings. The world, however, has a lot more to offer. Opening up to a variety of people will help you explore and realize the vast range of potential for you to make friends in college.

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

Know the person

The more you get to know your new friends in college, the more comfortable and understanding you will be towards each other.

Your friendship’s ship should be equally balanced on either sides to protect it from sinking. Being solely concerned about your own issues and intereasts could ruin the friendship.

Get to know your friend as an individual. Talk to them about their hobbies, intereasts, goals, fears, etc. Make them feel important and worthy by paying attention to their inclinations and likes.

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

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A genuine approach

It is understood that you must already be pushing your boundaries, trying to make some new friends in college. However, getting too caught up in your personal concers could deviate you from building true relations with others.

There is only so much you can do to improve your approach, looks and choice of words. A better approach can fasten the process but wouldn’t stablize the relationship.

Show warmth, love and respect to everyone you meet, after all, friendship is all about the connection between two people.

Your pure intentions and genuine vibes are sure to attract other individuals who are seeking a similar bond.

Be yourself

Don’t try changing yourself just to be able to make friends in college. You are amazing for who you are and should cherish your true self.

Even if you manage to kich start your friendship trying to be someone you are not, the friendship is not likely to go too far.

The strongest are the bonds where you accept and value the other person for who they really are. Your differences could often prove to be the reason why your guys first connected.

Be there!

Being a great company to people at parties and events is a great way to make friends in college. But being there in their times of need is how you actually make a friend stay.

You may have been under the spotlight all your life, but you could be the only person your friend would ever speak to. Your emotional support could greatly help your friend gain confidence and step up yet stronger towards their goal.

Don’t help your friends implying their obligation to stand by you next time. Find satisfaction in giving unconditinoally and knowing your friend is better off with your support.

10 Tips On How To Make Friends In College And Keep Them

Make them stay

Just like any other relation in the world, trust, faith and belief in the goodness of the other is the foundation of friendship.

You get what you give. Your respect and trust in them will also develop mutual feelings and understanding among the both of you.

Never intend to betray and always speak up and apologize for your mistakes. This is all you need to build and keep a healthy friendship with someone.

Let me know how you first made friends being a freshman in the comments below!

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