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10 Tips On How To Glow Up This Summer

10 Tips On How To Glow Up This Summer

Knowing how to glow up this summer can be the difference between looking good and looking beach ready fantastic. Radiate sunshine with your warm weather look, leaving that winter routine behind until the cold rolls around again. Check out these tips on how to glow up to find those perfect accents for your summer style.

1. Add highlights to your hair.

When the sun kisses your hair in those warm summer months, it naturally lightens your hair. So it only makes sense that one way to glow up this summer is to get some highlights. The lighter accents will soften your appearance and create the illusion that your skin was sun kissed as well. 

If you are not a fan of dying your hair, there are sprays you can add to your hair that will lighten your hair when they are heated, meaning when you blow dry your hair. This gives results similar to what the sun would do. Of course, there is also the obvious option of either buying a dye kit or going to the salon to get highlights. Whichever you choose, your hair will totally be summer worthy.


2. Add more highlight to your makeup routine. 

Including a little extra highlight on your face when you put on your makeup is a phenomenal way to glow up. It brightens your face and creates a dewy appearance, which is a huge summer trend. Plus, highlight literally makes your face seem to glow, as it reflects the light.

Many of us are accustomed to a powder highlight, but cream highlight is ideal for glowing up this summer. It is more concentrated when you apply it, meaning a little goes a long way. Additionally, it sets better than powder, which can become cakey. The cream highlight glides onto your face, and you can decide how much you want on by blending it.


3. Always hydrate your face.

That hot summer sun will dry out your face, so always make sure to apply a good moisturizer every day. Not only will it help you achieve that natural dewy glow, it also will help your skin stay healthy. Applying a moisturizer at the beginning of each day will give you that glow with minimal effort.

 There are fantastic moisturizers out there that also contain SPF 15, a double whammy in the skin protection zone. There are so many face moisturizers to choose from, so definitely take the time to research and find out which one will work best for your skin type. Apply your moisturizer before applying your makeup to help your makeup look more natural, letting that glow peek through.

4. Use makeup setting spray.

If you have taken the time to perfect your makeup routine and are unwilling to change it up for the summer season, there is a simple solution. Setting spray can help your perfected routine glow up to new heights. Mist your completed face and enjoy multiple benefits of this summer glow addition.


There are a lot of setting sprays in existence, so ask around and look online to decide on which one you want to try, or just go to the store, browse, and make your selection there. Spraying it onto your made up face will help keep your makeup in place and keep it from looking powdery, as sometimes happens. It can also help your face look dewy and glistening, like you just visited a tropical paradise.

5. Brighten the area under your eyes.

Many of us suffer from dark circles under out eyes, and they can sometimes be tricky to hide. Well, if you are wondering how to glow up this summer, hiding those dark circles with lighter foundation or concealer is a great idea. Doing this will make you look more perky and bright, not to mention the happiness you will feel thanks to this glow up secret.


If you have a hard time hiding your dark circles without your under-eyes looking cakey, try applying eye cream first. This will help keep the foundation and concealer you apply under your eyes in place and even. Try using lighter foundation for under your eyes to brighten them up even more.

6. Use a shimmery bronzer for contouring.

One way to glow up is to bring on the shimmer. Bronzer often has a shimmer to it, and it totally makes your makeup routine summer ready. Use shimmery bronzer for you contouring and watch as you glow up to next level summer readiness.

Make sure you choose a bronzer right for your skin tone. Ruddier tones need bronzers without any red undertones, while paler tones look great with bronzers having those red hints. Just make sure the bronzer you go with has shimmer. Apply to all areas you usually contour, like your forehead, cheeks, nose, and whatever else you wish for a warm summer look.


7. Take the time to chase your happiness.

Glowing up does not always refer to your beauty routine, you know. If you haven’t noticed, happy people glow. Every emotion affects your body, and happiness is one of those emotions we all love to see. The eye twinkles and uncontrollable smiles happiness places on your face is contagious, too, so glowing up this way will help others glow up!

Whether you love animals, exercising, reading, or whatever, chase your happiness. We all have something that makes us so happy we cannot contain it, joy welcomingly inhabiting our faces. Make the time to feel that vibe this summer. You will glow up in mind and in body.

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8. Wear shimmery neutral-toned eyeshadow.

More shimmer! Part of glowing up and owning it entails a level of naturalness. This is why neutral eyeshadows are the best for glowing up, and adding some shimmer is the icing on the cake. Your eyes will seem to be sparkling as the sun hits this glow up addition.


When choosing which eyeshadow colors to wear to glow up this summer, choose ones that are neutral and light, close to your skin tone. Doing this creates the illusion that you are not actually wearing eyeshadow or that you are wearing very little, and adding shimmer to this will create mesmerizing results.

9. Choose lip gloss for your lips.

The moisture locking super powers of lip gloss make it great for keeping your lips healthy and for glowing up your lip appeal. Once again, the dewy results lip gloss provide are fantastic for summer time, alluding to the heat while also adding so much glow to your face because it is reflective.

Whether you like clear lip gloss or gloss with some color, try to keep it natural. Choose neutral lip gloss colors or apply bolder colors lightly for the ultimate glow up. If you love a bold lip, though, applying a bold lip gloss color will still reflect the light and brighten up your summer style.


10. Know that you are awesome.

There is a difference between vanity and confidence, and confidence is what we are aiming for here. When you are confident in who you are, it shows, and you glow. Confidence will help you glow up physically and mentally, and you can certainly do so without being cocky about it.

Just like who you are and own it. Confident people are magnetic because they do glow inside and out. If you have difficulty liking yourself, which happens to the best of us as we progress through life and change through experience, take the time to understand yourself. Face it all, know that is you, and be proud of who you are and how you became this way. You are awesome. Let it glow.


Which of these tips on how to glow up this summer do you plan to practice? What are your plans on how to glow up this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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