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10 Tips On How To Get The Perfect Beach Insta Pic

Is there a better feeling than laying on the beach all day, taking pics, going home and seeing that you captured the most perfect beach insta pic? Taking the perfect picture at the beach can be difficult to accomplish but, lucky for you I have some tips! Over my many summers send at the beach I have got the hang of taking great beach pics for the gram! Sometimes the help of friends can be the key to taking the best photo.

1. Pick The Right Location

The location of your picture will set the whole scene for the photo! Although the beach can be crowded, try to find a private spot on the beach so you feel more comfortable. The last thing you want is a whole family laying on the beach in the back of your photo. Try to find a spot with less people and a clean looking area of the beach. If there are palm trees in the area, stand close to one to get them in background. This will look so cute in a picture and really give it a beachy feel. You can even stand at the shore and get some of the ocean in the background. Keeping the photo simple is the best best fr a beach pic. Try to get a closer photo so the water or sand takes up the whole photo. This will look better on instagram and will make the photo look clean.

2. Good Lighting

The beach can be a tricky spot to find the perfect lighting. We all love a sunny day at the beach, but make sure when you are taking a photo, the sun isn’t too much in your face. This will create shadows on your face and body that might not be complimenting. Try finding an area with that is a little bit more haded, of course not one where you will be too dark, but one with just the right amount of shade. This could be under some tress where the shade will make the lighting so perfect since the sun will still be shining through. It will not be super sunny and will also create a better overall scene for your photo.

3. Go At Sunset

It your are looking to get the most beautiful beach insta beach pic, I suggest you go around sunset! Sitting on the beach and watching the sunset is already so fun and you can make an even greater photo opt out of it! Take a blanket to sit on and have your friend take a photo of you with the sunset in the background. The lighting will be hitting you just right and create a kind of gold color scheme. This Is a great idea of you are looking to spice up your insta feed!

4. Color Coordinate

If you want to get real technical with it, then try to color coordinate the photo. If you know the location of where you are going to take the picture, try to wear colors that will compliment it. Say you are taking a photo in front of the water, you can either match it with a blue bathing suit, or you can wear a brighter color that will stand out. White is also a good color that will match and stand out in most photos. Also you can plan which element of the photo you want to stand out by choosing colors carefully.

5. Use Portrait Mode

If you are looking to get amazing quality photos from your iPhone, use portrait mode! This will focus on the main subject of the photo, then blur the background. This creates a cool new look for the photo. You could be standing in front of the water with portrait mode on and get a super quality beach insta pic! It’s definitely worth a try and will be sure to look great on your feed.

6. Take Candids

Candid photos sometimes end up being some on my favorite pictures. If you are at the beach with your friends have them take pictures of you while you are not posing. Maybe have them take pictures of you in the water or just walking along the shore. These can come out so good and capture a great moment.

7. Have A Friend Join The Picture

You and tour bestie can take the best beach insta pics together! If you are with multiple people have on of your friends take the photo while you and someone else get in. Try running in the water together or doing a cute pose for the best pic! This will look so cute and you will love the results!

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8. Set Up A Blanket

Setting up a cute blanket can be a good scene for an insta pic! You can bring food and have a picnic with your friends. Setting up a cute picnic scene is a great way to to get a unique beach pic. You can even bring one wine and enjoy the evening on the beach! You can have your friends take a picture of you sitting on the blanket with the food and wine for an artsy and chic picture!

9. Wear a Sundress

If you want a boho styled photo at the beach, try wearing a sundress in the picture. Go towards the evening so that the lighting will be a little darker and won’t be during prime tanning hours. The wind will blow your dress creating an artsy and boho aesthetic. Have a friend take your picture walking along the water or in the sand and this will come out so good! A white sundress will look the best since it will match with all the colors in the photo!

10. Keep It Simple

The last thing you want is a photo with too much going on that will have the viewers distracted. The beach is a calming and relaxing place so try to keep your beach photos simple. Simple colors and aesthetically pleasing photos will grab the attention of others!

These are all great tips on how to take the best beach insta pic! If you used some of these methods, let us know how the came out in the comments below!

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