10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

Getting his attention isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be tricky depending on the guy. But here are 10 tips on how to that special guy’s attention every time.

1. Having Confidence

As the cliche saying goes, confidence is key. But it is in fact, very true. It’s not only a way to get his attention, but it’s also getting anybody’s attention. When you have confidence in yourself, it radiates off of you and everyone in the room will notice, especially him. So relax and believe in yourself when wanting to get his attention.

10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

2. Dressing Nice

Yes, looks aren’t what matters, but when it comes to attracting someone you should want to look like your best self. Taking care of your appearance, especially when you are going to cross paths with him will definitely get his attention in some aspect.

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3. Lipstick

Bold lipstick is in nowadays. There is nothing more noticeable than a striking, fierce red lip. Adding to that radiating confidence that you learned from tip number one, you will become the most vibrant woman in that room. You will get his attention when he can’t turn away from that undeniably sexy lipstick you wear so well.

10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

4. Smile

Smiles are just naturally contagious and eye-catching. It’s an inviting welcome when you spot that cutie from across the bar. If he is scanning the room and sees you smiling at him, it will not be possible to not get his attention with this move. Smiles start out silent but lead to full-on conversations.

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5. Smelling Nice

It is in animalistic nature to be attracted to a good smell. Such as when you are walking by a bakery and the smell of cupcakes and cookies slow you down, making you crave the delicious treat. Spraying yourself with your best perfume and walking by him will grab his attention, maybe even when he is in mid-conversation with his pals.

10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

6. Body Language

If you and the guy have started up a conversation, a good way to get his attention while conversing is how you portray your body language. Turn yourself to him, show that you are comfortable talking to him. Be open and inviting but not too much if your not looking for more than just a conversation that the moment.

7. Not Revealing Too Much Right Away

They say keeping a little mystery is a good thing and that is true. It will get his attention more when he realizes you’re not pouring your life story out to him within the first half hour of talking. It makes him feel more relaxed around you and makes him want to get to know you more.

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8. Listening To Him

Showing him that you are interested in what he has to say will get his attention by letting him open up more. People like to be heard, they like knowing someone is listening to what they have to say, that they can express themselves. Ask him some questions about himself and respond to what he tells you.

9. Find Common Interest

Once you get him talking, try to make a connection of what he is saying to your own experience. He went to the Mexican restaurant that you visited just the other day? Tell him that! Find a connection to what he is telling you and you will get his attention when he sees the common interests you share.

10. Joke

Laughter really is the best medicine. People love feeling good and jokes trigger the enjoyment that stems from that. If the opportunity arises and you feel that you are getting a vibe on his sense of humor, crack a joke. It’ll be hard not to get his attention when he is fighting back tears of laughter after what you just said.

10 Tips On How To Get His Attention Every Time

Any more tips on how to get his attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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