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20 Tips On How To Avoid Being Homesick

20 Tips On How To Avoid Being Homesick

Getting homesick is normal. Here are a few tips for how to avoid being homesick! You can beat the homesickness and get rid of it in no time. Here's how.

Going off into the big, scary world by yourself can be intimidating, especially if you’ve spent the last 18 or so years surrounded by family and friends. The bright side is that being one individual in a big school like Ohio University allows for a lot of opportunity and a whole lot of fun. Take a look at the following tips to avoid being homesick!

1. Be optimistic.

A little positive attitude will go a long way when facing new experiences!

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2. Let yourself get excited.

Being nervous is a common feeling, but try to turn that nervousness into excitement! College is something to be excited for.

3. It’s okay to not have it all figured out.

Life happens even if you don’t have every little detail planned. Things will fall into place even if you don’t stress about them.

4. Make time for yourself!

If you’re getting overwhelmed, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to nap, watch Netflix, meditate- whatever helps you calm down.

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5. Also make time to wish old friends happy birthday, or to acknowledge some other important event.

Finding low maintenance ways to maintain a friendship will make those get together’s over the holidays less awkward and more fun! You’ll surely avoid being homesick this way!

6. Put yourself first.

School comes before partying, but your own health and well being should come before school. Being healthy will make things like studying and working out much easier.

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7. Keep things in perspective.

Life won’t go perfectly, but don’t freak out at every wrong turn. There will be more papers, more tests, more activities, and more chances to get it right.

8. Be kind.

It’s easy to get stressed out in a new place, but everyone else is feeling the same way- there’s no reason to let stress divide you when you can use it to bond with others!

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9. Remember everyone else feels the same way you do.

You’re never going to be the only one that’s stressed or tired or lonely; try to take solace in the fact that you’re in good company. Everyone is also trying to avoid being homesick!

10. Speaking of company, put yourself out there.

Just like every bit of college advice, this is a little cliche, but trying to be outgoing may result in new friendships and relationships, and it’s harder to be homesick surrounded by new friends.

11. Stay in touch with family and friends.

Social media makes this so easy, because it only takes a few seconds to snapchat our high school friends, and anyone can spare a few minutes to call mom and dad.

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12. Call mom and dad.

They care about you, and they want to hear from you.

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13. Facetime your pets!

This may only apply to people with pets, but there’s nothing wrong with facetiming your roommate’s dog if you don’t have your own.

14. Have some pictures.

Whether they’re on your wall or your phone background, seeing familiar faces will give you a little boost every now and again.

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15. Pack snacks.

You will get hungry in your dorm, and having a snack from home will be a nice treat when you’re feeling homesick.

16. Cheer your friends on!

Sometimes it can be easy to compare yourself to old friends, especially if you keep up with them on social media, but when you see some killer pictures of someone’s vacations or “perfect” life, try to be happy for them instead of envious!

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17. Make a playlist of your favorite songs!

If you’re ever feeling down or missing home you can put on a mix of your favorite songs to get you over your bummed-out mood.

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18. Know that it’s okay to miss home!

It can be hard to leave the people you grew up with, but you’ll see them again.

19. When you’re homesick, imagine your next homecoming, or the holidays!

Thinking about the next time you’ll see family and hometown friends can be another tool to get you past those homesick moods.

20. Make the best of it.

Even if you’re scared, or homesick, or lonely, focus on the good things. There are new people and experiences all around you, and you can choose to enjoy them even if you are missing home. These tips will help you avoid being homesick!

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