10 Tips For Having Mind Blowing Sex

Sometimes it is the littlest things that you can do to have steamy, mind blowing sex. If you feel like things have been boring lately, these are 10 tips to try!

If you are in a longtime relationship and your old tricks have played out or you are hooking up with someone and want some pointers, these will definitely do the trick. Sometimes, it is the littlest things that can help us have steamy, mind blowing sex. Here are 10 tips to turn it up a notch in your sex life.

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1. Consent is the key to the door.

First and foremost, you and your partner(s) need to always give each other consent. Set the boundaries and limits before even taking your clothes off so that you know what to expect.

2. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

Foreplay is something that cannot be overlooked. There are so many different ways to make foreplay a fun experience; rather than a task to just get to sex. The more aroused you are, the better the sex will be for the both of you.


3. Be open about what you like/what your partner likes.

There is nothing sexier than having confidence in talking about what you like or don’t like. The sex won’t be good if you are doing something you are uncomfortable with or doing something your partner doesn’t enjoy.

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4. Teach him about your clitoris.

Oh, the magic “button”. There are so many misconceptions about orgasms and how to achieve them. Your clitoris has tons of nerves and stimulating it is the exact way to get to your orgasm. So, if you want that mind-blowing sex, make sure your partner knows just where to touch.

5. Explore each other’s bodies.

You or your partner may be so focused on making it “great sex” that you forget that exploring each other’s bodies is a key piece to that. The neck, spine, and inner thighs are great places to start with kissing and massaging. You’ll both appreciate it.


6. Switch up the position.

If you have a longtime partner, or this is simply a hookup, we always make the mistake of doing the same position the entire time. This obviously can be boring for the both of you, especially if one of you has a different favorite position. Switching it up can make things fun and “new”, especially with so many different ones to try.

7. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Trying a new position is a great start, but there are tons of other ways to try new things in bed. Talk to your partner and see if there are things that they have wanted to try; you may be surprised. Having sex in a new place, like the shower, is a great way to switch things up and have some steamy sex. Unleash that inner freak.

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8. Give feedback before/during/after.

If there is something that you feel uncomfortable with or really just don’t like, speak up. There is no reason to do something you aren’t feeling. It is extremely sexy to let your partner know what you want him to do or not do and will make the experience a lot better for both of you.

9. Don’t hesitate to take control.

Taking control of your bedroom experience is the best way to have the best sex. Not only will it feel great for you, but your partner will love to see your take matters into your own hands. Don’t be afraid to climb on top every once in a while and call the shots.

10. Have fun and don’t over think it.

Sex, whether it is with your longtime partner or a hook up, is meant to be a fun and pleasurable experience. Over thinking and worrying the entire time isn’t going to result in good sex. So, let go, be confident, and have some mind blowing sex.


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