10 Tips For Having Mind Blowing Sex

Real talk for a second: not all sex is created equal. From one college student to another, it’s time we reject bad sex. We’re young, attractive, and smart – the perfect recipe for a great time – so it’s time we break up with unsatisfying hookups and one-night stands. We deserve mind blowing, earth shattering sex, so here are 10 tips that can help us all get there.

1. Get consent!

Remember how I just said that not all sex is created equal? Well if you have sex without consent, that’s absolutely and morally wrong. If one of you doesn’t want it, then it absolutely should not happen. Respecting your potential partner is the first step to having amazing sex.

2. Do not have sex until you are ready.

Any partner that is pressuring you into having sex before you are ready has a serious problem understanding that you are a human being who deserves respect. You’ll know when you’re ready, I promise.

3. Always, always, always use protection.

Whether you want protection from STDs or pregnancy, protection is always extremely important. This especially applies if you don’t exactly know your partner that well.

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4. Only do what makes you feel comfortable.

Having sex that makes you comfortable, whether it be with multiple partners multiple times a week or with one person after marriage, is what is really important. It’s your right to chose who you want and when you want them.

5. Teach him about your clitoris.

Clitorises are sensitive, and if your partner doesn’t know that you’re going to have to tell them because they could end up pushing all the wrong buttons.

6. Talk about having sex with your partner before you actually do it.

Talk to your partner about what you like and what you don’t like. The absolute worst time to find out about your partner’s sexual preferences is during sex. This might feel awkward at first, but it will become more natural as time goes on.

7. Conversely, talk about it after you’re done, too.

If there was something really awesome your partner did that you want them to do more often, just tell them. They’ll appreciate it, really.

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8. Explore your interests.

Sex is so much more than an orgasm. If you ever want to try something new, whether that just be handcuffs or maybe a full-body latex suit, go for it! (But talk to your partner about it first).

9. Never fake an orgasm.

I know I just said sex is more than an orgasm, but orgasming is pretty important for most people. Don’t fake orgasms for you and your partner’s sake; faking will only reinforce behavior that’s clearly not working.

10. A little lingerie never hurt nobody.

That’s right! Lingerie is a great way to get you and your partner in the mood. If you’re a woman, it’s also a great way to feel confident and sexy. It can be pricey at times, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Putting on lingerie before having sex can heighten the mood.

Featured image source: Deccan Chronicle

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