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Tips For Living In New York On A College Budget

Tips For Living In New York On A College Budget


Let’s face it. Living in New York is expensive. (Let alone living in the city!) Add being a college student on top of all that and you’ll feel like your wallet is always empty. This doesn’t have to be the case though… NYC has plenty of things to do on a budget, giving you some wonderful experiences without breaking the bank! Keep reading for some tips on how you can navigate all that living in New York has to offer, while on a college budget!

Stop By The Campus Concierge

The first place to score some deals is right here on campus! Campus Concierge, located in DAC, provides students with the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discounted price. Think $10 movie tickets at AMC and Regal, $40 tickets to the hottest shows on Broadway and $50 tickets to see the Nets.  All great things to do in the city, at even greater prices!

Get In Line For TKTS

Speaking of discounted tickets, the perfect way to experience Broadway at an affordable price is through the TKTS Discount Booth. Here you can choose from an extensive selection of Broadway musicals and plays on sale every day at 20% to 50% off regular prices. It’s best to go early in the day to ensure that you can get tickets to the show you want, but no matter what, a deal like this is worth the wait!


Spend A Day At The Museum

New York is known for its museums, and these museums aim to keep a college student’s budget intact. That’s right, you can enjoy the rich culture of the city’s museums for free! Just take advantage of their free days and nights, and keep your student ID handy. Stay in Queens and explore the history of film through interactive exhibits at The Museum of the Moving Image, which is free every Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm; or spend your Friday in Manhattan at MoMa for its UNIQLO Free Nights where you can see the latest exhibits in modern art.

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Take A “TimeOut”

TimeOut New York is the perfect resource for finding cheap things to do in the city. From concerts and restaurants to events and nightlife, TimeOut has you covered with countless guides and offers that will help you to keep your budget intact!

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