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10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

Congratulations on completing high school, you did it! I know what you’re thinking; now it’s the time to relax and kick up your feet for the summer until your freshman year of college life. You’re right! Enjoy your time. However, I want to destroy these little assumptions you may have about college in the first place. Some of these points you may have heard and then there are some real actual, factual things you need to know about starting college.

#1 Go To Class

When you go to class, you learn better. I shouldn’t have to tell you that, you learned that it in high school. However, it is important in college to make it to class every day because there may be material on the test that you need in their lectures. Sometimes, professors give away freebies because a question may be too hard. Then, it is also important for you to get to know your professor and establish a relationship with them (and I mean a platonic relationship). If they know your face, they’ll know your work more closely and they are more likely to help you out once in a while when you are in a bind.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

#2 The College Parties Are Lit!

Have you ever partied non-stop and then partied some more after that? The stories you have heard are true people. College kids party hard! The freedom of no adult supervision I feel gets the best of them. You have no one telling you what to do, no adults nagging your ear off about drinking and coming home at a decent hour. I know some college parties can get pretty wild. Always take someone with you.

#3 Beware of The Big Party Schools

If you are going to a well-known university, nine times out of ten, it’s one of the biggest party schools. I’m warning you about this because it is easy to get distracted when there’s a party on a Tuesday on campus. The parties happening almost every night is a part of college life and it is up to you to make some pretty big decisions.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

#4 Make Time for Sleep

You are going to get caught up in going to class and finishing six-page papers late at night. Then, unfortunately, the next night you have a big test to study for and again, you’re staying up late. That’s college life. Messing with your sleep schedule can put your mind and body through the wringer. If you do not get enough sleep, you are not going to be a happy camper for those you come in contact with. Make time for sleep and eat.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

#5 Staying in the Dorms is The Ultimate College Experience

Whether it’s in the dorms or you’re staying in an apartment on campus, being close to the school or on the grounds is made fun! It is totally convenient compared to someone who has to get up earlier to travel to school. You have the best advantage here and the worse excuse not to make it to class. By staying on campus, you get to experience the college life of other students as well as the activities the school has to offer. You are able to make friends a lot quicker by staying on campus. You’ll see everyone is damn near going through the same stuff as you are. I swear, sweatpants, a hoodie and UGG boots or tennis shoes are the go-to college wear. You are going to want to be comfortable.

#6 You Going To Miss Your Mom/ Parents

I don’t care if you have complete freedom from your parents and you’re loving it, the feeling of being homesick will kick in eventually and then you’ll realize, you cannot go home until the holiday. Yes, your parents got on your nerves when you were living under their roof, but, you are going to miss her nagging and her cooking you dinner. Talking to your mom on the regular can really help you blow off some steam from the stress of college. Her words will make everything all better.

#7 Professors Do NOT Care If You Were Sick! DO YOUR WORK!

This is not high school any more kiddos. If you are late on an assignment, depending on the kind of professor you have, they are not going to accept any of the foolishness. Remember when you were back in high school two months ago, and if you were late on a paper the teacher was okay with giving you extra time to finish it? Not in college! If you are sick, you need to gather up all the strength in your body to finish your work. There are no excuses except for family EMERGENCIES! And I mean if someone isn’t dying, you can still get your work turned in on time.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

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#8 The Cafeteria Food is Not All Bad

Surprisingly, at least at the school I went to, the cafeteria had the best food! Every other day was something different and more delicious than before. If your school does not have this luxury then I am so sorry for bragging on my school’s A1 breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. If your school’s cafeteria sucks, stick to the chicken fingers and salads. It’s hard to mess that up. It will be a good idea to have dining dollars or some sort of petty cash from the school’s aid to feed yourself. There will be some rough times too when you cannot feed yourself. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself on a top ramen noodle diet.

#9 Befriend a Classmate

You won’t regret this one, I’ll tell ya’. Let’s say life does happen and you can’t make it to class. It is best to have a trusted friend in the class take notes for both of you. Later, you can copy them and study on your own time. This will be one of the smartest things you’ll ever have to do.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

#10 Make it Count

College is a time to make many memories that you are going to telling to your children one day. Make it exciting! By the end of your term at college, you are going to feel as if you can conquer the world, and I am here to tell you that you can. So many people do not get to finish college for a number of reasons; being it’s not for them, they couldn’t afford it, or their grades slipped beneath them. Either way, it is an honor to go and finish college. Walking across that stage with your degree in hand will all be worth the pain you had to endure.

10 Tips High School Kids Should Know About College Life

Let there be good memories of college life. At the end of the day, it is a learning and growing experience that should be a part of your young adult life. Comment if I missed anything about what others should know to go into college. Good luck!

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