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10 Tips For Your Graduation Makeup

10 Tips For Your Graduation Makeup

With graduation approaching, the last thing to be stressed about is your makeup. These are some tips on how to achieve perfect graduation makeup!

This is it. The time you have been waiting for. Whether this is your first graduation or your second time around the rodeo (maybe even your third); there is one thing that you’ll want to look back on, and that is your graduation photos. Here are 10 makeup tips and tricks¬†for your graduation makeup to make sure your big day goes perfectly as planned and your pictures turn out astounding.

1. Flash Back Is Your Enemy

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” is a common phrase you often times hear. However, flashback is one of those enemies you don’t want to keep close. To avoid flashback in any possible way, make sure your foundation is clear of any SPF. SPF is the main cause of flashback in photos, and we just don’t have time for that.

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2. Water Proof Mascara

This is a big day for you. You might have decided that no way would you be that girl. You know.. the one who cries at graduation. But who are you kidding!! You may never see some of these people again, so feel free to coat up on your fave water proof mascara and let the river flow.

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3. Bake Your Face

Now, we all love a good chocolate chip cookie, or maybe even a red velvet cupcake.. but that is not the type of “baking” that I’m talking about. Grab your favorite makeup sponge and some setting powder, because its. about. to. go. down. Powder up where you blended in your concealer to make sure you avoid fine lines and creasing.

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4. Blend Baby, Blend

There is nothing worse than the dreaded foundation line. I mean, come on ladies, we’re not in middle school anymore. Makeup is not just for your face, but your neck too. It won’t hurt to spend a couple extra minutes blending your makeup.

5. Natural Lighting

Now, we all don’t have the luxury of having a makeup room like Kylie Jenner; to be honest, most of us are ball’n on a budget. Sometimes, the bathroom mirror and fluorescent lights just don’t do us justice. Don’t be afraid to play around with your lighting! Sit in front of a big window.. or maybe even do your makeup in the car mirror.

6. Matte Lips Are Out

Matte lips are a thing of the past, and even high end makeup brands are starting to move towards glosses. Find a gloss or even a velvet lippie that suits your skin tone. A light pink? Maybe even a glitter?

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7. Go With What You Know

Stick to a classic makeup look that you know you look good in. Maybe now is not the time to try out that bold smokey eye and dark lip you watched a YouTube tutorial on.. and if you want to try something new, maybe practice it a couple times before the big day.

8. You’re Still Blending

Oh no baby girl.. what is you do’in?? Did you think the blending stopped at foundation? You won’t be caught dead at graduation with muddy contour and streaky highlighter. Take a damp beauty sponge and go over your contour and blush. You would be amazed at what a sponge and some prayers could do.

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9. Blind The Haters

Highlighter and dewy skin is the new matte. Forget any mean things people said about you throughout school, now is your time to shine. And we mean literally. Maybe try to even glow brighter than those Cum Laude medals you’ll be sporting at graduation.

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10. Set It And Forget It

Graduation is a long day, and you can bet you won’t be caught slippin’ up on your makeup. My favorite setting spray to use is Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, or even Bahi’s Honey Dew setting spray. Set your face and literally forget about it, because there’s no way your makeup is coming off any time soon.

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Alright graduates, you and your graduation makeup are all set to go!¬†This is your day, and don’t let any makeup slip ups ruin it. Comment below and let us know which tip is your favorite. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share!


These are the best tips you need for your graduation makeup!
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