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7 Tips For Writing The Perfect Resume (That Will Get You Hired)

7 Tips For Writing The Perfect Resume (That Will Get You Hired)

Landing a job is all about your qualifications, meeting the right opportunities, and having a great interview. But it all starts with writing a memorable and perfect resume. Here are just a few tips to get you get started with writing a stand out resume, so that the next job you put in for, you get that call back!

1. If you have the opportunity to do so, complete at least one internship.

Internships look amazing on your résumé and they allow you to acquire new experiences, knowledge, and skill sets. Even if you don’t get your dream internship, it will impress employers that you’re willing to work as an intern. Not to mention, starting as an intern is one of the best ways to transition into a job.

2. Include your distinct (and general) skills.

Include a section with several specific skills. It is helpful to include generic skills like how many words per minute you can type and what computer programs you can use, but you should also include the skills and certifications that are unique to you. What are the skills that make you the best choice for a job? Don’t be shy about including those things.



3. Watch your verbs.

When you describe the tasks you were responsible for during a past job, consciously pick specific and strong verbs. Words like “managed” and “trained” are typically good verbs to use because they show that you were given leadership roles.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are speaking in the present tense when listing your responsibilities for a position you are still currently employed for.


4. Tailor your résumé (and cover letter) differently for every position you apply for.

Sigh. This is is toughest part. While it is of most importance to always be honest on your résumé, you also need to make sure to tailor each resume to every job you apply for. This includes changing your objective to fit the new job and choosing the most applicable past job experiences to include. Rather than including all the most recent jobs, include only the most relevant position regarding the job you’re applying for. Make sure your responsibilities you listed at each align with the position’s responsibilities.

5. Be specific when explaining your responsibilities.

It will stand out more to a potential employer if you list your responsibilities as specifically as possible. In other words, if you worked in a sales internship and cold called all day every day, instead of saying something along the lines of “searched for new leads through email and telephone outreach” be more specific and say “cold called 300 potential clients per day”.

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6. Keep it to one page.

This might be the most difficult aspect of writing the perfect resume. Yes, you’re great and have a lot to offer, but that doesn’t mean you should write a novel about your qualifications. Ideally, your résumé should be limited to one page. Any attachments longer than a single sheet are inconvenient for potential employers to keep together or view online. It is important to stick to one page, but if you absolutely have to because of your past related work experience, stick to between one to one and a half pages maximum. The more succinctly you can describe your qualifications, the better. Avoid being too wordy.

7. Let your personality shine through.

You’ll want to write with professionalism and convention, but you shouldn’t be afraid to let your personality show through. Be unique and be different. You have something different from any other job candidate, so use it to your advantage. Confidence is key. Try and make yourself stand out without sounding too flashy.


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