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5 Tips For When You’re Buying Your First DSLR

5 Tips For When You’re Buying Your First DSLR

Interested in photography but have no idea which DSLR is best suited for your needs? Here we give you tips and tricks for buying the best camera for you.

Are you interested in photography or videography? Have you ever considered buying a DSLR? If its your first time searching for a DSLR and you have no clue what to do, dont worry. I was once in your position.

I honestly had no clue what I was doing when I bought my first camera but Ive learned a lot since my purchase. Why not share my tips and hopefully help other people?

Disclaimer: I will be using the word camera interchangeably with DSLR to make it easier to understand. Essentially, a DSLR is a digital camera. Also, there are different ways to go about buying a camera. These are just my tips.


1) Know why you want a camera.

Unless you have a bunch of money, don’t just go blindly buying a camera. Cameras are expensive and an investment. Its important you know what you will be using your camera for.

This is helpful to know because it helps you find the best camera for what you plan to shoot (I learned this from a video). But its also important to evaluate if you will be using your camera constantly. Cameras arent cheap. Make sure if you are buying it that you will use it.

5 Tips For When You're Buying Your First DSLR


2) Seek a wise experienced buyer. 

I honestly wouldnt have been able to buy a camera without the help of my photographer friend. I reached out to her to teach me about photography. She was a great help because she told me how she bought her first camera and gave a me a ton of tips and suggestions. She was actually the person who convinced me to buy a camera bundle instead of just a camera body and lens. Having someone who has a little bit more experience guiding you along the way makes the process less intimidating.

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3) Do your research.

I didnt know the amount of research that went into buying a camera. I thought you just looked up cameras on Google, picked the one you liked, and then bought it. Please dont do that! Im glad that I did all the research that I did. I found it beneficial when it came time to decide which camera I wanted.  Read as many articles as possible. Watch videos that break down the specific camera you are interested in. Research where to buy your camera. Its all helpful information.

5 Tips For When You're Buying Your First DSLR

4) Create a budget for yourself. 

This is probably one of the most important tips I can give. Its easy to think that you have to go buy the most expensive camera to have the best quality photos but thats not the case. You need to have a realistic budget to know how much you can actually afford. If you only have $400 as your budget, dont go looking for cameras that cost $1,000. I had a max budget of $800 but I really wanted to stay under that as much as possible. I would say having a max budget and what you ideally can afford is a good start to financing your camera.


5) Don’t rush your decision.

This decision takes time. Buying a camera is an investment. Its not a decision you can make in a few minutes. You really need to take the time to do the research. I wanted a camera for three years, but when I started to do the actual research it took me 3-4 months to come to my final decision. So dont feel pressured to buy your camera right this second.

Are there any other tips you would give a first time DSLR buyer? Let us know down below!
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