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10 Tips For When You’re Back To School And Homesick

10 Tips For When You’re Back To School And Homesick

Feeling homesick? First time away from home for a long period or going back to school after holidays spent with your family and friends can be tough. You might be new or in a new environment which makes you feel a bit scared! Don’t worry, here are 10 tips for when you’re back to school and homesick. These tips will help make you feel less homesick. Remember – it will always get better!

1. Bring Home Comforts

No matter if it is a favourite blanket or your favourite teddy bear, there are always objects that cheer you up when you’re not feeling great. Make sure you bring your comfort object with you to university. Don’t worry if you’re worried about being teased if you’re seen with one – chances are others will have one too!

10 Tips For When You’re Back To School And Homesick


2. Stay Positive

It can be hard, but staying positive and having a positive attitude will help you combat homesickness! It will make it easier for people to be around you and make new friends. If you are struggling, don’t feel as if you can’t tell people you’re unhappy. Friends are there for those harder times.

3. Ask For Help

Being in a new place by yourself can be scary. There is no shame in asking for help with issues you may have at hand – from your course to friendships, finances, studies and being away from home. There are always people you can talk to. Leaving these worries for too long can get you stressed, so better tackle the issue straight away!

4. Explore Your Neighbourhood

Feeling homesick can be due to the unfamiliar surroundings you are in. Take some time out of your day to explore where you’re staying and feel more at home. Sightsee, volunteer, go for a walk! Find a great coffee shop to go to every week!


5. Keep Healthy

Being away from home can be tempting to lie on your bed and watch movies all day. It can make you feel not great. Keeping healthy will make you feel more positive about life. Swap that movie for a walk!

10 Tips For When You’re Back To School And Homesick

6. Get Out Of Your Room

Having your own space is your safe haven. Not knowing anyone can mean it might be tempting to stay in your bedroom, but it can make you feel worse. Keep yourself busy and venture outside of your room, you will spend less time missing home.


7. Look For A Job

Keeping busy is a great way to distract yourself from the homesickness you might be feeling. Looking for a job when you have time is a great way to keep busy. If you get that job, you won’t have time to think about the homesickness, you can make new friends and some money!

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8. Make New Friends

Making new friends and meeting new people is a way to combat homesickness. The feeling of loneliness is one of the main causes of feeling homesick. Join a club, study with a classmate from class, there are many ways to meet new people at school.


10 Tips For When You’re Back To School And Homesick

9. Join A Club

Being homesick, meeting new people and keeping busy are ways to combat the homesickness. By joining a school club, you will be a part of something new and it keeps your mind off being home. You will be a part of a community and end up having a home away from home!

10. Your Feelings Are Normal

Remember, your feelings of homesickness are normal. For many people, it will take time to adjust to a new place. With additional stresses, such as may be taking a harder class you may be feeling a little worse. Just don’t forget your feelings are not strange or stupid, they will go away after some time, stay positive and talk to someone if needed.


Going back to school and being homesick can be quite tough. These tips are some ways to feel a little less homesick over time. Let us know in the comments below whether you have any good ways to combat homesickness!

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