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7 Tips For What Men Should Wear (On A College Budget)

7 Tips For What Men Should Wear (On A College Budget)


Dressing well and being fashionable aren’t qualities limited solely to women. But what are some clothing staples men should wear? Better yet, what are some clothing staples men should wear if they are on a college budget? Keep reading for some tips to help you look good as a man in college.

1. Men should wear statement shoes.

So you want to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. That’s perfectly fine. Don’t waste tons of money on basics like that. Wearing a plain outfit gives you the perfect opportunity to use an item that’s bold. Invest in some snazzy kicks to elevate your game. Anything like Adidas or Nike will do the trick. It’s a simple outfit, but nice shoes will show that you do care about your appearance and what you put on your body. Plus, they’re great for running and exercising, too.


2. Men need to accessorize, too!

I’m not talking about jewelry. Watches, on the other hand, are always a great asset. They’re practical because you can easily check the time while looking super sophisticated. Actually, you really only need one. Black, brown, and silver watches match nearly everything.



3. Men should wear clothing that expresses their personality, not what is most expensive.

Your clothes should generally reflect your style and who you are as a person. That being said, don’t spend an enormous amount of money on hats and hair gel. One time I met a guy on a bus who was wearing a Starry Night hoodie. It was so creative and artistic that I had to give him a compliment. Similar to that, what you wear should turn heads and start up conversations. A guy who knows what looks good on him and expresses himself through clothing is so attractive.

4. Men should wear button downs just for the sake of it, sometimes.

You brought those two dress shirts from home but you haven’t worn them for any event at college. So what do you do with them? Wear them throughout the school day sometimes. You can pair them with khakis and Sperrys for a relaxed yet classy look. Maybe even throw on that watch from before. Everyone will be wondering where the good looking guy is heading to!


5. Men shouldn’t be scared to trend set.

If you want to wear a cool new hat, wear a cool new hat. If you want to wear skinny jeans, wear skinny jeans! I know what you’re thinking. But they’re too feminine! They’re uncomfortable, too! If I, as a woman, can walk around all day in four inch heels, a skin tight skirt, and be stabbed in the head by thirty bobby pins, you can put on a pair of skinny jeans.

Plus, not all skinny jeans are that tight and difficult. Just try on a bunch of them until you find a pair that allows you to move around freely. It’s a fashion “risk” that will definitely pay off.



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6. Men should wear leather jackets.

Is there anything hotter than a guy in a leather jacket? I think not. Besides being pleasant to the eye, leather jackets are comfortable, great for fall weather, and TOTALLY badass. Turn from a Prius into a Mustang in a matter of 10 seconds.

7. What men should NOT wear!

This is a necessary PSA. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not wear hammer/drop-crotch pants. Under no circumstance is it OK to wear a long sleeve shirt under a t shirt, either. Don’t wear swim trunks as shorts. Don’t be a dirt bag and wear shirts with nude girls on them or shirts with derogatory remarks. Don’t sag your pants and show off your duck pattern undies. If you wouldn’t wear your outfit to your grandmother’s house, don’t wear it in public.


What are some other things men should wear for the best style at a college budget? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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7 Tips For What Men Should Wear On A College Budget