8 Tips For USC Game Day That You Need To Know This Fall

Check out these USC Game Day tips and tricks to make your experience great! Try out these college football outfits that everyone will be loving!
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Whether football is your favorite sport or not, you will experience it in some manner within your four years at USC! The intense game will take up your whole day: tailgates, the actual football game and sometimes a post-game party! Game Day is when everyone shows their Trojan pride. The stadium is packed with Cardinal and Gold and roaring cheers! Below is a Game Day guide that will make your experience even better. Check out these tips for a great USC Game Day.


Although the football game doesn’t start till later in the day, the tailgates start in the morning. Try freezing disposable water bottles and use those as ice in the coolers. So after they melt, you can have cold water. Remember to bring speakers so you can blast music with your friends.


The Game Day experience will be hot at USC! Make sure to drink lots of water and anything else to beat the heat. You don’t want to miss the game due to heat exhaustion. Freeze enough water bottles for you and some of your friends, so that you can enjoy the game!


Sunblock & Sunglasses

California is practically sunny all year round, so chances are Game Day will be hot as well. Be sure to wear sunglasses and bring lots of sunblock! Bring extra sunscreen! Your sunscreen really becomes everyone’s.

Fanny Pack

Transparent fanny packs are the way to go for Game Day! The coliseum bag policy is “ One bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and does not exceed 12” by 6” by 12” and the transparent fanny pack fits the criteria. It’s small and hassle free. Pack your tickets, sunscreen and a portable charger for the big day. You will be needing the portable charger, as we all know that the celebration is an all day event. Fanny packs can also be made to support your school colors #fighton

Outfit Idea #1

Cardinal and Gold ! One of the most popular outfits on game day is a bandeau top and a skirt. On the left, the girl is wearing a black USC bandeau with a white jean skirt. On the right, the girl is wearing a similar white USC bandeau and it’s paired with a Cardinal and Gold USC Song Girl skirt. Wearing a bandeau eliminates the chances of getting strap tan lines.


Outfit Idea #2

Invest in a USC Song Girl skirt, you won’t regret it! They are really worth it because you can dress them up different ways. Another way you can pair the skirt is with sorority tanks and shirts. You can get these shirts, that are normally free from the sorority and match with your friends! The accessories consist of a pair of sunglasses, a fanny pack and comfortable white sneakers! Try this for USC Game Day!

Outfit Idea #3

Wear your school colors to show your pride! Find tops with cute sayings, and it would be even better if they match the school colors. These shirts can be paired with pretty much any bottom. In the picture, one girl is wearing a USC Song Girl skirt and the other is wearing a white tennis skirt.

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Outfit Idea #4

Looking for a laid back look from pieces you already own? Match a pair of jean shorts with a black tank. To show your school spirit, just make sure the top has a supportive and cute saying. This is perfect for a cute Instagram post! This is one of the best USC Game Day tips that you need to know!

Which of these USC Game Day tips are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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Check out these tips for USC game day!

Check out these tips for USC game day!