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10 Tips For The Perfect Tailgate At UNH

10 Tips For The Perfect Tailgate At UNH

It’s that season again ladies and gentlemen, football season. Which means the best tailgates have officially arrived. Here at the University of New Hampshire we take pride in our football team and even now more than ever with the new stadium! But, out of all the events hosted by UNH there is one all students look forward to every year, homecoming. Being a Wildcat we know we only get four homecoming experiences as students, but luckily we get to come back every year after graduation for our homecoming. Here is a guide to make every homecoming the best and every tailgate at UNH memorable!

1. Wearing UNH attire from head to toe is a must!

But add a twist of your own style to it. For example: taking a t-shirt and adding a V-lace up on the front.

2. Take a picture of you and your friends in the back of a pick up truck.

It is a must when it comes to looking back at memories of tailgates.


3. Get there early because the food will disappear!

4. Have plenty of games ready!

Corn hole is a classic tailgating game and always gets competitive. For you 21 year olds, flip cup is a go to and even dizzy bat will make any tailgate memorable.

5. Having a friend with a car inside the tailgate is always a plus.

Don’t worry if that isn’t possible, tailgates are a place where people love to mingle. Anyone will accept you into their tailgating area.

6. Find a balance between best friends and new friends.

Surround yourself with your best friends to ensure a good time but at the same time meet other’s rooting for the same team!


7. Express your school spirit, it makes the tailgate feel more important.

Face stickers is one way to really show off that pride.

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8. Talk up random parents, they will love you and give you free food!

9. Go to the frat trucks because you will see boys doing boy things!

Like jumping off the top of a truck and onto a table…for fun. Do not partake in these actions.

10. Non-stop music.

The music at tailgates mostly consists of country. If you are like me and not a big fan of this genre don’t worry it will grow on you, no matter how much you resent it.

Do you like listening to country music during a tailgate at UNH?

This may sound simple, but don’t forget to make it to the game! I know after hours of partying at a tailgate at UNH, you might want to nap instead of going to the game, but you must!

What makes for the perfect tailgate at UNH? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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