10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend

Let’s face it, we can all use some girl time from time to time, that’s why having a girls weekend is important. And if you’re like me, you don’t get a chance to get together with your friends as often as you’d like – or really ever – so you want yours to be perfect. Here are some things that you can do to make sure your girls weekend is amazing.

1. Go with your bestie or best group of girls

 If you want to perfect girls weekend, you need to go with the perfect group of girls. Whether that’s one or five, the people with you will really make or break your weekend.  So make sure you’re with your favorite girls, and make the most of the weekend together. The last thing you want us to look back on the weekend and not feel like you had a great time.

10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend

2. Make sure there’s snacks involved

On your girls weekend, one of the best things is going out and enjoying amazing food – but that can really start to add up. One way to help keep costs low, or just make sure that everyone is satisfied is to have snacks both in your hotel room/air bnb and with you. You can get fresh fruit if you have access to a refrigerator, chips and guacamole or queso, or anything that you like. You can also buy stuff for breakfast or lunch, which will not only help you save money but also help you eat healthier as you won’t be going out for every meal.

3. Maybe a few drinks too

Come on, if you’re able to get a bottle of wine (or whatever your group’s favorite drink is) why not bring one? When you’re hanging out in the room, you’ll be glad you have a bottle of bubbly to sip while you unwind or get ready for the day.

10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend


4. Keep your schedule open  – there might be something fun to do that you didn’t think of

If you’re going somewhere you all have been before, this might be easier, but if you’re going somewhere for the first time you might all have so many things you want to do – but try not to overload you schedule and leave some downtime. One reason to do this is because at least some of the things you’re probably thinking about super touristy, some of the residents there might be able to give you amazing ideas of things to do that you may not have found on your google search. Another reason to leave some room for down time on your girls weekend is so that way you aren’t exhausted when you get home. There’s nothing worse than needing a vacation from your vacation.

10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend

5. Try not to talk about the people you’re crushing on or your SOs – talk about the other parts of your life and your other interests instead

Girls, we’re more than just who we’re interested in, so try not to focus on that part of your life. Instead, talk about your dreams, careers, or any other part of life that deserves some attention.

6. Bring extra clothes – you might actually need the options this time

This is especially good if you’re leaving room for downtime or spur of the moment decisions and not planning your entire trip because you won’t know what you’ll need. Pack for the “just in case” this time – but try not to go over board.

7. Bring a Bluetooth speaker, that way you can dance while you’re getting ready

Everyone will be happy you did.

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10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend

8. Bring a chrome cast or roku so that way you can watch Netflix, Hulu, or anything else you can stream when you get back to your room

If one of the days it starts to down pour and your plans get cancelled, or if you decide just to lay low, you’ll be glad you brought this too, trust me.

9. Take some photos – you’ll want something to remember your time with your friends

Did you really have a girls weekend if you don’t get at least one photo together?

10 Tips For The Perfect Girls Weekend


10. Use this time to escape from your day to day life, and just be with your friends – you don’t get a girls trip everyday

Try to be in the moment with your girls. It’s probably been a while since you have all been able to get together, so make the most of it and leave your to-do lists and work at home.

What do you think makes the perfect girls weekend? Or what locations are the best for a girls weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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