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10 Tips For Talking To Your Boss During End Year Reviews

It’s that time of the year when you must come face to face with your boss for a formal sit-down. Cue in the dramatic music for the suspense that lies ahead in the office at the end of the hall. End year reviews will almost always be built up by your fellow coworkers and by your own thoughts about the workplace and your boss. But never forget that regardless of how much suspense your boss creates by sending you a meeting request on a Friday at the end of day for the following Monday morning you must remember that you are your own #girlboss. This is the time of year when you have a say in the tasks that you have done, the upcoming projects, the office environment, and suggest ways that you can improve the position you hold in order to move forward and hopefully get promoted.

1. Dress appropriately.

You need to make a good impression and establish that you are a professional who takes pride in being part of the team. The right wardrobe can speak volumes and show that you are ready to take on new responsibilities.

2. Be on time.

Always be on time to work but especially to your meetings.


3. Be prepared; bring a pen and notebook to take notes.

You want to take notes on what your boss would like for you to do, goals that you both discuss during your meeting as well as any upcoming projects.

4. Bring any previous meeting notes, project outlines to jog your memory as well as your boss.

This will provide some talking points for you of any concerns or suggestions you may have.

5. Make eye contact and speak clearly.

6. Bring your own questions to address how you can improve and how you can make your boss’ job easier.

You want to make it clear that you are there not only as a professional who has a job description but that you are a proactive member of the team that wants to see positive results.


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7. Be polite.

Even when you are being criticized and it hurts to the bone. Keep your cool during end year reviews!

8. Ask the important questions: What kind of advancement is there for my position? AND what is the estimated timeline?

Overall, you have to lookout for your own goals. Keep the ball rolling if you enjoy your position and workplace because you want to make it known that you are prepared to advance whether it’s within the company or elsewhere. Asking these questions will help you know whether you should stay at your current company or if you should start a job search.

9. Be positive.

Positivity is key especially since you spend a good portion of the day with your coworkers they are going to pick up on any negativity or change in behavior. If you’re upset for other reasons that are unrelated to your job take a few minutes before your review to momentarily set them aside.

10. Learn as much as you can from this job.

If you made a mistake learn from it. Your end year reviews are about how your boss can help you improve for the better as much as how you can make the company the best for you. Be ready to learn from your position that includes making mistakes and learning from them.

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