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Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner

Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner

Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner

If you are a fan of pasta dinners but want something more than the traditional spaghetti, marinara sauce, and meatball dish then you need to find a way to get creative with your Italian cuisine. Whether that means adding a special ingredient, finding a new sauce recipe, or trying something way out of the box, you can find a way to make a typical Italian dish extraordinary. Here are a few tips for spicing up a typical pasta dinner.

Spice Things Up

A typical pasta dinner can seem a bit bland if not seasoned right, but it can be especially underwhelming for someone who likes lots of spice in their food. So, give them what they want, and add some spicy Italian sausage or a vegan version to give the sauce a little extra kick. Chop it up, slice it into strips, or crumble it up and mix it in the sauce. Whatever way you do it, your in for a nice new flavor. This is also a great way to add some protein into your carb-heavy meal, which is always a plus when entertaining for avid gym goers!

Tips For Slicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner.

Get Saucy

The same old marinara can get a bit boring, even though it is a classic, so you may need to switch up your pasta dinner sauce recipe. You can make your own sauce from scratch, or just add to a canned sauce. Add in cooked brussel sprouts, broccoli, or cauliflower to get some of your daily greens and veggies. Add some sriracha to an alfredo sauce, or make a ginger and lime sauce to add some zest. You can even try something really adventurous like making a fruity, sweet, cream sauce, and add fresh fruit to make it a dessert pasta! However you choose to make it, you’ll be in for a treat.

Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner.

Meat And Potatoes

If you want to make a pasta dinner for those who are more of a steak and mashed potatoes crowd, then put some into the dish and have the best of both worlds. Chop up some potatoes that have been cooked in garlic and onion and toss them in the sauce. Then you can add some meat, or vegan-meat, to the meal. A personal favorite of mine is to mix in some chorizo to give it a great south of the border twist. There are different kinds, even soy versions for the plant based dieters, and they are usually made with a little kick of spice. That way, you can add some extra flavor and put some meat into the equation, while adding protein.  You can add veggies and sweet potatoes for a bit of a sweeter version.

Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner.

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Seasonal Additions

You may not want a heavy, creamy pasta dinner in the middle of a hot summer night the same way you might not want a light and zesty sauce in the dead of winter. So, let the seasons be your flavor guide and make some lighter dishes with seafood, lean chicken and lemon for the summer. Or, make a fall favorite with pumpkin spice or sweet potato sauce with nutmeg and cinnamon. You can even make apple, cinnamon, bacon or mushrooms, and candied nuts for a heavy and delicious winter meal! Let the seasonal flavors inspire you to create something new, and you just might stumble across your new favorite pasta dinner recipe!

Tips For Spicing Up A Typical Pasta Dinner.

Any way you make your new, adventurous pasta dinners you and your guests will be in for a flavor explosion. You no longer need to have a boring pasta dinner again. Expand what you can make with pasta, and have fun creating exciting new meals to try out. Which idea do you want to try, let me know in the comments!



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