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6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

Saving money is not always an easy task. We found ourselves with an empty piggy bank more often than with a full one. Some people even get paid and spend all their money the same day they get the payment. And some others found it really hard to save for that dream car, vacation or house. But don’t you worry, for whatever reason you are saying we got you covered! Start following these simple tips and you’ll see how your bank account numbers start growing!

1. Establish a savings goal

The first thing you can do to save more money is establishing a savings goal. Want to buy a car? Go to Hawaii? Get your own house? Set that goal you want to reach and start working towards it. A great way to do this is creating an exclusive piggy bank or moneybox in which you toss every day or week a certain amount of money and also determine a time when you are going to open it.

For example, you decide to save a $1 each day from January to December, at the end of the year you’ll have $365 saved you didn’t even notice!

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

2. Start making your own lunches

One thing we spend too much money on is food. And no, we are not saying you should go on a hunger strike to save all your money. But you can take actions to stop spending that much money on food and having a full piggy bank instead of an empty one. For example, avoid buying fast-food every day for lunch when you go to work, instead start packing your own lunch from home.

This will not only save you money but also improve your health. You can reward yourself with one or two restaurant meals a month if you don’t want to quit them at all!

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

3. Keep track of your expenses

Another great way to avoid having an empty piggy bank is making a record of what you spend on and how much. Keep track of all the expenses you have from buying gum at the supermarket to paying for your insurance, every little penny count.

If you regularly use a card you can ask for this list of expenses at your bank of choice. This will help you understand in what you are spending more money and find ways to reduce those expenses.

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

4. Wait 30 days to buy it

If you tend to be an impulsive shopper and then find yourself with no money and lots of things you don’t really need, this rule is for you and your empty piggy bank! Start applying the 30-day rule which means every time you see something you think you really need to have wait 30 days to buy it, instead of buying it immediately.

This will help you save money because after 30 days you might realize you either forgot about the object or don’t really want it anymore. If after the time has passed you realize you do need it, then go and get it.

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

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5. Write a list when shopping

When you go to make your weekly or monthly shopping save money by making a list before and sticking to it. This will help you with buying just the things you really need instead of things you just want to buy and trust us, your empty piggy banks will thank you!

Also, this can help you avoid empty piggy banks by having an established budget every month for groceries since you already know an approximate of how much you spend on them.

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

6. Stop buying, start selling

We all have lots of stuff in our homes we barely use, some of them are even new. Why not start selling them? You can make some extra cash for those empty piggy banks and also get rid of lots of unnecessary things someone might really need.

There are lots of webpages where you can sell your stuff such as eBay or Craiglist. Or you can also make a yard sale, unite with your friends to enjoy a fun evening and make some more money for those empty piggy banks at the same time!

6 Tips For Not Having An Empty Piggy Bank

Start saving today and say bye-bye to those empty piggy banks! Comment below if you practice any of these tips!

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