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15 Tips For Improving Facial Hair

15 Tips For Improving Facial Hair

Improving facial hair should be among the top things to do on your list for 2020. There’s nothing more disappointing than a man who has no idea how to groom his perfect face full of hair. 

Lucky for you I managed to trim my beard myself and let me tell you that my jawline looks impeccable. These steps are simple, yet crucial to improving facial hair because let’s face it, women love a good head of hair. 

1. Trimming 

I used to get this done at my barbershop until that raised the prices for having both a haircut and a beard. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.


Trimming your beard is not difficult and if you want to take your looks seriously, you’ll have to learn how to do it eventually so you might as well start now. 

There are a few things you should buy first; A beard comb, if you’re looking like Gandalf, facial hair scissors, and a beard trimmer.

I recommend Phillips Norelco or a cheaper alternative if you’re on a budget. Just ensure that it has enough guards because you need to keep your facial hair trimmed.


This is crucial if you plan on growing it out. Not everyone can pull off the homeless look. 

2. Oil 

Yes, even if you are a man, you still have skin underneath that hair and it needs to be hydrated. Not only that but growing a beard or any kind of facial hair will leave you feeling itchy at times. 


Adding beard oil is crucial to improving your facial hair, especially if you have a beard. It’ll hydrate your skin, but most importantly soften your beard. 

The versatility of beard oils is no joke. It’ll add a subtle scent to your beard, and can be used as pre-shave or post-shave lubricants, and standalone moisturizers. 

Read the ingredients label to determine which one works best for you as they are all vastly different. The options are far from limited, so don’t limit yourself. 


3. Electric Razor

If you really want to take improving your facial hair seriously, you need to invest in an electric razor. Especially if you’re a broke college student, one big-time payment instead of a weekly investment of $25 dollars to get a haircut or beard trimmed. 

There are plenty of cheap options too. The Gillette Styler is a perfect option if you’re unsure of what you want your facial hair to be. $20 at Target, yeah, you’re welcome. 


4. Beard Brush

The beard brush is essential for improving facial for a couple reasons. One is that it will exfoliate the skin beneath your beard if you pair it with good beard oil. And two, it will pull debris from your beard that you may have missed if you sport a massive amount of facial hair. 

When it comes to the brush, I recommend anything that says “boar-bristle” not only will it do everything I mentioned above, but it feels so good against the skin that it’ll have you looking forward to your facial routine. 


5. Moisturize

Yes, there is a difference between beard oil and actually cleaning your disgusting face. You basically have to pick your poison.

If you just want to rock some stubble, or a little bit of a goatee (I don’t know why you would unless you’re Will Smith) or want to go with a mustache combination, then invest in a moisturizer or conditioner my good friend. 


6. Find A Style 

Improving facial hair will sometimes hinge upon your hereditary traits. Your first decision should be to decide what style works for your face the best. 

If you have a patchy, “struggle beard” you can still look like a grooming God, just mimick Pedro Pascal. Maybe you can’t grow a thick beard, opt for the stubble or 5 0’clock shadow.  


However, if you have the ability to grow a thick ass beard? Experiment without looking like a nut case. Do a mustache-heavy style like Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible.

Analyze Hugh Jackman’s Sigmund Freud look by keeping it trimmed on the sides, yet fuller on the chin. 


7. Clean The Neck

No one. And I repeat, no one, like a neckbeard. It’s gross, ugly and unseemly. Doing this will drastically change the shape of your jawline and make you feel like you can don that batman cowl with a little scruff. 

8. Match Your Face Shape

Face shape is a huge factor in improving facial hair. Roundness, squareness, and length will affect how long or short you should let your hair grow. 


An example would be that a long, narrow facial shape would not benefit from a long and thin beard. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give you tips based on every face shape. 

9. Oval Shape

Luckily for you, this shape works with almost any beard style. Short on the sides, fuller on the bottom or the opposite will flatter you as long as you shy away from trimming sharp angles. 


10. Round Shape

If you have a round shape, you should opt for length above all else. Keep the sides short, but let everything below the chin grow gracefully and eloquently. 

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Use Action Bronson as your source for inspiration, but try to keep it tame instead of going with the wild man look. 


11. Oblong Or Rectangular Shape 

The best tips for improving facial hair with this shape is to go short on the bottom, but fuller on the sides. This will add a great deal of width to an already narrow face. 

If you want to use a reference, look to Lebron James or Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine” style. 


12. Square Shape

Aside from already have a jawline that could rival superman, if you want to sport any facial hair, go with the long and narrow look. 

Because it’s more angular than round, it’s important to sculpt it as it grows. As it becomes fuller and thicker, try and form it to more of an oval shape. 


13. Triangular Shape

You have a tricky situation, but don’t worry, there are two options. The first thing you can do is keep it short, you don’t want to grow a fuller beard because it’ll clash with your natural shape.

The second thing you can do is to keep it to grow a long beard, but keep it shorter on the sides. 


14. Diamond Shape

The Best thing for you to do is keep the sides short while growing out the bottom. Due to your narrow jaw, you may want to trim your chin to appear shorter than the rest of the bottom of your beard. 


15. Fixing A Patchy Beard

As stated earlier, Pedro Pascal pulls off the perfect patchy beard. You can let it grow or keep it short. It will appear patchy in the first couple of weeks, but by letting it grow a couple more. 

If you keep it at the stubble length, the patchiness will appear more natural, especially if you feel self-conscious about growing it out. The only bad thing is that you can’t line it up or add any shape to it. 

Improving facial hair can seem like a task, but it’s really simple. Don’t resort to rogaine, supplements or certain foods either. All it requires is research, dedication, and a budget.
Develop a facial routine and a style that fits your unique face and you’ll be slaying the competition, along with the ladies too. As always, don’t forget to share and leave a comment below if this helps you at all!