Tips for How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle at College

College is fun, but sometimes our priorities get lost or confused, and we can start to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress can get the best of everyone! It is always important to try and take care of our bodies and mental health to the best of our ability. Make sure always to take time for yourself, or else you will feel rundown, probably resulting in your feeling sick. Grades and school are essential but taking care of yourself is equally important. Sometimes when we have too much fun or go to too many social events, we feel rundown and do not like ourselves. Use these tips to try and lead a healthy lifestyle at college. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle at college, it is essential to have balance.

  1. Schedule

I recommend making a schedule around your course schedule to ensure that your weekly goals are met. Try making a schedule that allows you to work out about five times a week; you have a specific time to get homework done and a designated laundry day and time. Always make time to be with friends and rewind after a long day. Having free time built into your schedule allows you flexibility for a nap, snack, or even crunch time before your first exam. I believe that having a good plan will lead to a healthy lifestyle during the craziness that can be college at times.

  1. Workout routine

Creating a workout routine, you love will help you live a healthy lifestyle at college. Staying active in college is terrific for helping stress management and mental health. It does not have to be anything crazy. You can walk around campus, go to the gym or find fitness studios near your campus. Check out your school’s fitness center because colleges sometimes offer fitness classes like body pump, spin, barre, and more. If you have the space in your room, you could even do courses and workouts from your dorm room. Finding friends who like to be active as well can also help. It can help motivate you to stay active. I recommend a solid workout routine that you can maintain to have a healthy lifestyle at college.


  1. Balanced diet

Make sure that you are consuming a balanced diet. I know that dining hall food can be brutal, but you should try and find a way to get your fruits, veggies, and proteins in. If you try and avoid dining hall food, I recommend having a good variety of snacks in your dorm. If you can go to the grocery store and have a good mini-fridge, you can make do! Buy fruits, veggies, and even bag salads from the grocery store! I always took the fruit from the dining hall to snack on later or for my breakfast, I would keep nut butter and rice cakes in my dorm room, and I could always doctor them up with items from the dining hall. I recommend buying a box to keep all your food and snack items in so that you can keep them away from anything that might find its way into your dorm room. If you can, then treat yourself to a dinner out or Uber eats for a special treat! During the weeks, life gets crazy, and everyone is having fun, so enjoy it, but try to sneak your fruits and veggies in when you can. Try having them at breakfast. You can have them in an omelet or a smoothie. This way, you can go about your day knowing you had some excellent food to fuel your day. Try to make sure you are drinking as much water as possible! This will help you stay healthy and hydrated and give you energy. Try to have a bottle of water with every cup of coffee. Plus, staying hydrated may help with your future hangover! If you want to live a healthy lifestyle at college, I highly recommend maintaining a balanced diet.

  1. Sleep

You will probably hear this a lot in college, but sleep is essential, especially if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. I know it may seem impossible at times, but you should try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I see the library may be calling your name, or you would rather stay up on a school night and hang out with friends, but honesty, try to get to bed early. On the weekends, take advantage of the ability to sleep in when you can. If you get enough hours of sleep, you will make better decisions, allowing you to think clearer. It will also improve your choices when it comes to your nutrition. When we give our bodies enough sleep and rest, the less junk food we crave, and we make more intelligent decisions regarding fueling our bodies. Sleep also has a significant impact on your mood. If you find yourself agitated or grumpier than usual, you’re probably not getting enough sleep to fuel your lifestyle. Also, if you are getting enough sleep, then you are less likely to get sick. Staying and getting healthy is challenging to do at college. Getting enough sleep will help your immune system. I highly recommend getting around 8 hours of sleep as often as possible in college to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Social

Make sure always to be social and enjoy time with friends. School and professors can be demanding, and you will always get your schoolwork done, so make sure to create time for your friends. Participating in social events and parties is essential because those are the memories you will remember after you leave college. I believe that it is just as important to spend time making friends and making memories with your friends as it is to nights in the library. I recommend maintaining a good social life to live a healthy lifestyle at college.


I recommend following these tips to live a healthy lifestyle at college. Following these tips will help ease the difficult transition that college can be.