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5 Tips For How To Get That Second Date

5 Tips For How To Get That Second Date

You just had your first date and now you're wondering how to get that second date. If you're looking for advice for how to get a second date with a girl, a guy, here's how to score that date with him or her!

So you’ve met a guy (or girl) you’re really crushing on and he’s feeling you as well, so he asks you out and of course you accept, who wouldn’t right? Just remember that these days with social media, online dating apps and all, (sadly) you’ve got to put in a little more work to capture and keep his attention if you’re really interested in going after him. So before your date, read these tips to help keep him or her from ghosting you. Below are 5 tips for how to get that second date!

1. Close Your Mouth and Open Your Ears

No one really likes being around someone who talks nonstop, especially about themselves. Instead, let him talk. Listen intently to him and ask genuine questions. Guys like attention as much as we do, and talking about yourself, your problems etc. makes you look self centered, and trust me, it’s not a good look. Also – an easy way to give him your undivided attention is to leave your phone on silent inside of your purse so you won’t get distracted.

Here's how to get that second date!

2. Leave Your Ex In The Past

The fastest way to turn a guy off and guarantee getting ghosted is to talk about your ex. Do not, I repeat, do not in any way, shape or form bring up your ex. It just makes you look like you’re not really ready for a new guy, plus guys have egos that constantly need stroking, not crushing. Even if he happens to ask you a question about your ex, give a short and to the point answer then move along to another subject.

3. Get Down On The Dance Floor

An excellent way to give him a little tease is to go to a bar with dancing! It’s been said that they way someone moves while dancing is close to how they move in bed. So give him a sample of what’s to come, just don’t give him any more than that or there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be getting a second date, except for maybe an occasional late night hook up.

4. Confidence Is Sexy

Look good, smell good and feel good, know it and own it! A woman should never fish for compliments or talk about her problems on a first date, as it can make you appear needy. Instead maintain eye contact, lean into him during convo and lightly touch him while you talk. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and flirt your ass off!

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Here's how to get that second date!

5. Just Relax And Be Yourself

Honestly, all the tips in the world won’t matter if you can’t be yourself and comfortable around someone, so let loose and have a good time, afterwards if he doesn’t call, don’t sweat it. Don’t call him, even if you really think there that there’s something major going on between you two, honestly if there is…he will call. Even if he never does just keep on pushing girl, there are plenty more out there just waiting to meet your awesome self.
Here's how to get that second date!

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