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5 Tips For How to Be Single at TCNJ

5 Tips For How to Be Single at TCNJ

Isn’t it funny how everyone who is single always gushes over the lovey-dovey couples walking around campus? That’s because we always want what we don’t have! At TCNJ, you definitely do not need to be in a relationship to have the time of your life over the next four years! Keep reading for five tips for how to be single at TCNJ!

1. Spend all of your energy focusing on the friendships you’ve made.

They’ll Be There For Yooooou! At TCNJ, you will meet and become best friends with some of the most amazing people you will ever meet! Whether it’s going for late night drives to Wendy’s with your guy friends or staying in for movie nights with your girlfriends, living the single life at TCNJ is so much fun when you spend it with awesome people!

These are such great tips for how to be single at TCNJ!



2. You never know who could walk into your life, so stay aware!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled, People! Lucky for us, TCNJ has got some great eye candy all over campus! Being single allows you to flirt at parties, smile at your super cute neighbor, or buddy up with the hottie in your science class for your next experiment! The options are endless!

3. Focus on your academics, first and foremost!

Of course the nightlife and social aspect of college is super important, but so are your academics! Whether you are recently out of a relationship or just haven’t found that special someone yet, use this time to focus on your studies and push yourself to stay focused! We are here for an education, after all!


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4. Focus on doing whatever makes you happy- and don’t worry about anything else.

Have the Time of your Life! Make the most of living the single life! From harmless flirting to steamy hookups, being single allows you to be free to do whatever you please! Enjoy your nights out and make some amazing memories that you’ll never forget! (…or you may forget the next morning!)

5. There is nothing wrong with being single, remember to stay confident!

Confidence is key! Being single is one of the most liberating and amazing times of your life, so take advantage! Use this time at college to discover all of the amazing things that TCNJ has to offer! So what if you are your best friend’s third wheel when her boyfriend comes over? These next four years are going to fly by so be free, be single, be you! And enjoy single life at TCNJ! I know I am!


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