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10 Tips For Healthy Eating At The Michigan State University Dining Halls

10 Tips For Healthy Eating At The Michigan State University Dining Halls

If you go to Michigan State University and you're trying to stray away from unhealthy college food and lean towards a healthier diet, read these 10 recommendations on health foods offered on or near campus!

There’s no denying it- the dining halls in college aren’t exactly the healthiest for you. Even with all the tips from the internet to eat healthy, they aren’t tailored to your personal dining hall. Therefore, they might not apply to you. Luckily, Michigan State University has pretty good dining halls. This article will tell you the top 10 tips and tricks you need to know to stay healthy at Michigan State University!

1. Hack the omelet bar.

In most of the cafs at Michigan State University, there is an omelet bar from open until about 10 a.m.. On the days that I manage to wake up before then, here’s my easy and healthy order: 2 eggs on top of spinach topped with cheese. Then, I pick up some veggie sausage, split the eggs, and put it on an English muffin! Easy, healthy, and it keeps me full.

2. Take advantage of the salad bar.

While the caf I normally go to, The Gallery, isn’t the most amazing when it comes to salad bars. However, I still find a way to benefit from it! When I want steamed broccoli but there’s only raw, I take some back to my room, put it in a bowl with some water, and pop it in the microwave! You can do this with other veggies, and Brody caf always has a huge selection at their salad bar.


3. Be mindful of the portions.

When I got to Michigan State University, I was shocked at the portions! They are huge. To keep myself from overeating, I usually ask for a small portion. The workers are more than happy to oblige! I also stay mindful of my eating, chewing slowly with no distractions. It’s hard to slow down, especially in school. I find that when I dedicate my meal time to just that, I feel better and eat the right amount.

4. Use your combo to get the good stuff!

And by good stuff, I mean the hummus and pita. Woody’s Oasis meals are generally pretty healthy, and the amount of hummus gives you so much extra to use with veggies from the salad bar or chips!

5. Sparty Cash = love.

My first semester, I used my Sparty cash on some not so great meal choices. However, this semester, I’m realizing that a lot of healthier places take it! If you have some and can’t bear the dining hall food, consider going to these places: Chipotle, Woody’s in Crossroads Food Court, or Potbelly!


6. Fruit is where it’s at.

The fruit at MSU is not the best. However, you can always count on bananas. Even if they’re green, take them to your dorm to let them ripen! I like mine best with peanut butter.

7. Tupperware is life.

Invest in some tupperware. I reuse the ones that Chinese food comes in and take some stuff from the caf when necessary. You’re paying a lot to go here and for the food! Sny-Phi has brown rice every day. When I want some to stash in my room, I fill up a tupperware and voila, rice that I didn’t have to cook or anything!

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8. Do some research.

After constantly checking the menu online, I discovered that there is actually a nutrition calculator on MSU’s caf website! There are nutrition facts and you can even build a meal to see what you want and don’t.

9. Explore the campus.

Only eating in Sny-Phi can get really boring. When I’m stuck in a food rut, I explore the different cafs on campus! Each one is different and has something unique to offer. A favorite of mine is Landon!

10. Find Instagram accounts to follow!

Find some food bloggers on campus to follow! Spoon University at MSU is awesome, as well as @whatsonmytray, which features submissions from students!

Let us know what you think about food options at Michigan State University in the comments below!
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