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Tips For Having Period Sex That’s Dynamite

Tips For Having Period Sex That’s Dynamite

Tips for having period sex are quite easy. These are the benefits of period sex and also some period sex stats that will have you two having fun in the sheets.

There are a few things I’ve discovered about period sex: one, guys usually don’t give a f*ck if you are on your period or not – if they are grossed out by it, that’s actually incredibly lame and telling. Two, it’s something you should totally do.  When people talk about period sex, a majority of the time you’d think it was some messy disaster people run from. Period sex should be normalized by this point. It’s a normal bodily function so get used to it. Here are some tips for having sex on your period along with some period sex stats.

Foolproof Tips For Having Period Sex

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Why Period Sex Is Awesome

There are serious benefits to period sex; no, I’m not joking. If you are someone who has headaches, mood swings or cramps during your period, you absolutely need to give period sex a go. While it may sound counterintuitive, there truly are period sex benefits. Headache relief is one of the benefits of having period sex. Roughly 70% of migraine patients reported headache alleviation after sexual activity. Another period sex benefit is your mood improves. Endorphins boost your mood and are boosted after sex; not rocket science friends. Another period sex benefit is that your cramps will disappear. Again, sounds counterintuitive and highly unappealing, but it works. Your blood flow increases during your orgasm and you release chemicals that work as a natural pain relief; would explain why you’re seriously blissed out after sex, couple, and kiss image

Tips For Having Period Sex

There truly are only a few tips for having period sex you need to know. Tip number one is that you need an open minded partner. Honestly, if you’re with a guy who isn’t comfortable having period sex, he’s still got some growing up to do. It’s a natural womanly occurrence that happens once a month so he’s gotta suck it up. The other tips for having sex on your period are that you need protection, a towel and a clean pair of underwear. See, period sex is rather simple. You can still get pregnant while on your period so don’t believe that period sex myth that’s been floating around. Having period sex does not exempt you from getting STIs or pregnant so don’t even test it. Make sure you’re covering your bases. The towel for period sex is a given. There’s not going to be that much blood coming out anyways but keep the sheets clean with a, couple, and kiss image

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These easy tips for having period sex are foolproof and seriously beneficial. Who knows, having period sex could bring the two of you closer together. You could always opt for shower period sex if the mess is too much for you. On the plus side, it cleans everything up for you and is a natural lubricant. No mess!love, couple, and shower image

What tips for having period sex do you have?

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