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10 Tips For Having An Unforgettable Freshman Year At Liberty University

10 Tips For Having An Unforgettable Freshman Year At Liberty University

The first day of school is set, and you're beginning your freshman year at Liberty University this fall. Read this article to get tips on how to have an unforgettable freshman year at Liberty.

The first day of school is set, and you’re beginning your freshman year at Liberty University this fall. Many would say you are about to start one of the most memorable chapters of your life yet.

No matter how much you know about the school, you don’t know exactly what this year may look like. Will you join an intramural team, find a writing club you enjoy, add another minor, or run for class present? The possibilities are endless.

So how do you make this year the best one yet? I mean, you’re only a freshman once. After just living through my freshman year, I believe I have compiled a list of how to make your freshman year amazing. Try my tips out for yourself and let me know which one encouraged you the most!


1. Jump into the adventure.

To look at life as an adventure is not without fear, but simply not letting fear stop you from exploring! “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.” Have fun in the unknown. Imagine all new things to try in the unknown! Try new things!

This is what you need to know for freshman year at Liberty University

2. Accept and learn from your mistakes.

You’ve never been a college student before. You’re not going to do things perfectly the first or probably second time around. Mistakes only make you look stupid when you don’t learn from them.


3. Don’t rush relationships.

This tip is courtesy of a senior who answered my question of something she wished she could tell her freshman self. Everyone you meet probably won’t be your best friend in 5 years. Since you’ve crossed paths, make the moments count. Be kind. Have fun getting to know all the different backgrounds people come from at Liberty. You have no idea how much it means to people when you just listen. Ask someone, whats your story? And enjoy seeing how much you do and don’t have in common. To find a friend freshman year at Liberty University, be a friend.

4. No fear, no retreat.

Don’t let fear of anything stop you. Unless it could get you killed. Don’t be worrying what other people might think. That’s the worst mistake you can make your freshman year at Liberty University. It’s college, so have fun living these years as a little juvenile. Recap, be civil, yet don’t let fear hold you back from laughing and doing silly things. That’s what you’ll look back on your book of memories from freshman year. So don’t be afraid to fill it.

This is what you need to know for freshman year at Liberty University


5. Don’t sacrifice things you want later for things you want now

This. Right here. This is the key to college. We are all learning this on different levels. Yes, you’ll probably make poor decisions where you’ll have to skip lunch to make it to class on time. But for your parents’ sake, remember to take care of yourself.

6. Don’t be ruled by your school work.

Self-care is important. Don’t get carried away having fun, then living in crunch time forgetting to takes showers for the sake of a good grade on a paper. Priorities. If you set them right, you will get to do everything you’ll want to. It’s true.

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7. Don’t try all year to not look like a freshman.

You probably have never heard this before but this is a revolutionary idea. Every one of your classmates will be trying this but don’t. Use the status as your advantage, and be revolutionary.

8. Make the most of every day you’ve been given.

Just because you make plans, doesn’t mean you’ll have forever. Forgive quickly, show your love always, and make people feel valued. Now that’s a life worth living.

9. Smile and say hello.

It’s the little things that matter. Do this to everyone. Workers, professors, or the attractive individual that catches your eye. By just smiling, saying hello, and not looking away or at your phone, you’ll make their day so much better because everyone wants to be noticed.


This is what you need to know for freshman year at Liberty University

10. Don’t complain.

This is what makes everyone look under par. Honestly. You can’t be grateful and complain. You were accepted to be a college student at Liberty University. We live in a blessed country where we have access to freedoms and food most of this world hasn’t had in their entire lifetime. Please be different and look on the positive side. Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Be ready to be challenged, be excited about the opportunities, and don’t be afraid. Remember to take pictures too. Even if it might be awkward, take the group picture. You’ll enjoy looking back on those.

Let us know what you think about freshman year at Liberty University in the comments below!
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