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10 Tips For Halloween Weekend At Kent State

10 Tips For Halloween Weekend At Kent State

Halloween weekend at Kent State is the most talked about weekend for a reason! Read through our top tips to rock Halloween weekend like you’re a senior.

The rumors are true, freshmen. Halloween weekend at Kent State is the most talked about weekend for a reason! With all of the hype around a few days full of partying, it’s easy for something to go wrong if you don’t plan properly. To avoid any mishaps of being Cady Heron from Mean Girls at the frat houses, grab your girls and read through our top tips to rock Halloween weekend at Kent State like you’re a senior.

1. Wear comfortable shoes.

This is number one for a reason, people. Odds are, most of you and your friends won’t just stick to staying at one party, and the walk to and back is probably bad enough with regular shoes, let alone with heels. There are so many types of shoes out there that can still help complete your costume while being comfortable. Do yourself, and your feet, a favor and avoid heels altogether. The last thing you need is a broken ankle and countless blisters to kick off the night.

2. Hydrate all day.

Odds are, for Halloween weekend you will be going out and you will be in the presence of alcohol at least once during the night. So whether you plan to drink or not, prepare for the night by including a little extra water throughout the day just to be safe, because trust me, you do not want to be “that person” that gets sick and has to go back to the dorms early.



3. Plan, plan, plan.

I know picking out a costume and putting it all together can take quite a bit of time when mixed with school work and studying, but make sure to plan the night out beforehand. This saves you and your girls from all going different directions and splitting up. Have a plan that everyone agrees on so no one is leaving places alone. Planning the night out will keep everyone safe and avoids a stressful night for everyone.


4. Protect the goods.

Mostly everyone has some type of smartphone nowadays, and whatever you decide to do Halloween weekend, it is always a good idea to get a protective case for your phone. A shattered phone screen and a fun night do not go hand in hand. A case that has plastic inserts for cards, either on the inside of the case or the outside, are perfect for storing your I.D, FLASHcard, and the key card to get into your dorm. Just don’t lose your phone!


5. Don’t go broke over one night!

Let’s face it, we are all college students here and most of us have monthly expenses we have to pay for. You do not have to spend $100 on a costume to have a good time. Odds are, you’re going to spend that weekend with your closest friends, and maybe even some people you have never seen before. Whether you buy a costume or even make one, you’re going to have an awesome night. However, be cautious of the price tag. Accidents like spilled drinks, rips, and stains are bound to happen, and it won’t be a huge tear jerker to you if it was inexpensive. So remember, it’s one night, and until the nearest costume store accepts FLASHcash, keep it within your budget.


6. All eyes on you.

Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know what’s underneath. As freshmen, this is the riskiest year because there are no parents around for lectures before you leave the house. If you know your mom would ground you for a year if she saw you in that costume, then odds are you probably shouldn’t wear it. I’m not saying a turtle neck and overalls are the best choice, but especially if this is your first Halloween weekend at a college, it’s best to just wear a costume that has some modesty to it, even if it’s only a little. You don’t want to draw the wrong type of attention to yourself because of your costume. Instead, draw people in by being the champ at beer pong, not by being the girl that is wearing practically nothing during Halloween Weekend at Kent State.


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7. Keep it out of the dorms and into the frats.

Pretty much all freshmen live in a dorm or commute, so this is applying to everyone. You do not want to start drinking at 9:00 in your dorm and have your RA peek in your room at 9:30 only to be a “debbie downer” and ruin the rest of your night. If you have friends that drove up to Kent to experience that awesome weekend with you, please do not try to show off and start passing out shots to everyone, because nothing is more uncool than getting busted and having to stay in. You might even have to face other punishments by the campus security. Save it for the parties. If you have alcohol you or your friends want, just have a book bag to take with you, it’s easy to carry and you’re less likely to get busted.

8. Adjust the selfie lighting, not your costume.

A big thing with costumes is that they are made to just be a costume. In other words, they are not designed to be comfortable or adjustable to you. Make sure you get a costume that fits. Try it on in the store to see if you would mind being in that costume all night long. You don’t want to wait until Halloween weekend at Kent State to do it. Do not buy it just because it’s cute or it’s what you wanted to be that year. You do not want to be adjusting it all night long to make sure its covering you where it is supposed to be.

9. Bring the “mom” of the friend group.

Okay, so every friend group has one. You know, the friend that at the age of 18 has that motherly instinct and always go out of her way to make sure you’re cared for and safe. You know the one I’m talking about? Yeah, Bring her with you. First off, you never want to go anywhere at night alone. Especially this weekend, it is always a good idea to have a friend that you know will not be drinking. A friend that always has your best interest in mind and will get you home safe is such a relief. Hold onto them because it is a great thing to have. Whether you bring a friend or you are that friend, make sure the plan for the night is well conveyed so there are no misunderstandings.


10. Awh, twinsies… or quadruplets?!

If you’re spending that weekend with your friends, a cute and totally fun idea is to dress alike or do a group themed costume. This is not only going to be an Instagram worthy picture; it is going to be extremely helpful throughout the night. If you or a friend are pulled into another conversation and end up at the opposite end of the room, it will be a heck of a lot easier to find him/her in a room full of people if he or she is dressed like you (especially if you have already had a few drinks). If you go with your significant other, try wearing a couple’s costume. Nothing says, “Hey, I’m taken!” like the couples plug and socket costume. (Am I right?)

Start planning and have an awesome Halloween weekend at Kent State this year!

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