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Tips For Finding A Roommate Who Will Be Your Best Friend

Find a roommate who will be your best friend in college is always a scary and challenging task for incoming first-year students. Here are a few tips for finding a roommate who will be your best friend.

1. Similar Music Taste

People can use many tips and tricks when trying to find roommates that will eventually turn into lifelong friends. People can see if their roommate or roommates will ultimately be their best friends if they have the same taste in music. Music is a great avenue to bond over because everyone has their opinions on their favorite music genre. There are so many music genres out in the world today like classical, rock, hip-hop, rap, disco, and if you can find a roommate who has similar taste in music, that is one step closer to finding a friend for life. Roommates can bond their liking for similar music by attending concerts or just having a relaxing day at home listening to their favorite bands or artists together.

2. Same Sense Of Humor

A key aspect of roommates turning into lifelong best friends is having the same sense of humor. Roommates who can make each other laugh and share a few laughs will bond instantly with each other. Roommates who have the same sense of humor can connect and laugh together watching their favorite comedy television series or movie or go to a comedy club and see a stand-up act or two. Roommates who have the same sense of humor will bond quickly and often with one another based on their times together, laughing aloud during their many comedic human experiences.

3. Kindness Is Key

Finding a roommate or roommates can be a very challenging, complex, and overwhelming process. A key aspect that everyone should acknowledge when finding roommates who are eventually going to be lifelong friends is kindness and caring. Empathy is vital when finding a roommate to become a lifelong friend because that person will be around a lot, and they should be kind to others living in the apartment or home. A kind person is a person many people can trust to help others out in times of need and not judge or look down upon others struggling in life.

4. Be Respectful

There is nothing more important in a relationship than showing respect to other people. Care is one of the essential aspects of forming a relationship with another person because it is one of the basic needs of civilization. People want to be respected, and when people are not respected, they get upset, hurt feelings, and uncomfortable. When finding a roommate to become lifelong friends, respect is a critical aspect people need to consider. There are many ways to show respect to roommates, like cleaning up after yourself, helping them when they need assistance, be kind and caring, and respect their boundaries.

5. Be Comfortable

People need to consider a significant aspect when finding roommates to become lifelong friends because they need to be comfortable around those specific people. Living with roommates can be challenging and complex. Sometimes roommates get frustrated with one another based on their actions and lack of effort while living together. Make sure you can be comfortable in your skin around roommates. If you can, they will eventually become lifelong friends. If you cannot be yourself around your roommates, then being best friends might be a bad idea to consider in the future.

6. Be Honest

Many people say that honesty is the best policy when dealing with relationships. If you are looking for roommates to end up as lifelong friends eventually, you have to make sure that they are honest with you and are honest with them. Roommates who are always honest with you will show respect to you and never lie to you about certain aspects of your friendship. It can be difficult for people to hear and listen to the truth, but the truth is always better than hearing lies at the end of the day. Lies can spread misinformation and be mid-leading, but when roommates lie, it can be hurtful because you see and live with that person and see them daily. If you are looking to find roommates to become best friends eventually, you need to make sure that those roommates are truthful and honest.

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7. Use Social Media

Finding a roommate can be a very long, complex, and confusing process for many people. An easy way to find roommates that eventually will become lifelong friends is to post on social media. Social media is an excellent way for people to communicate with other people globally. People can use so many different types of social media platforms to connect with other people, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These social media platforms are a great way people can communicate with potential roommates. People can also use online web pages like Reddit and to find roommates that will eventually become lifelong friends. The most crucial aspect of posting online is that you feel safe and comfortable. People should be hesitant when posting personal information online because people who post on social media can never take that information down from the platform once posted online.

8. Don’t Be Shy

One of the main aspects that people need to understand when finding a new roommate or roommates that eventually will be lifelong friends is that people need to get out of their shells and not be shy. A lot of people looking for roommates can participate in awkward and uncomfortable situations. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to bond and connect with prospective roommates. It is easier said than done not being shy in meeting new people. People who are not shy when meeting new roommates will make those future roommates feel comfortable and at ease during the awkward time of trying to find a roommate that will become a potential lifelong friend.

Those are a few tips and tricks for finding a roommate who will end up being your best friend. Do you like our recommendations? Did we miss any? Tell us in the comment section below!

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