5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

Time management is the key to leading a stress free and happy life. With this guide, you'll learn how to maximize your time and make life easier for you.

Time management, a term we have all heard many times but almost never apply correctly. Between classes, extracurricular activities and the hundreds of clubs available on campus, many students have trouble finding the time to complete everything they need to without pulling an all-nighter. The truth is, all-nighters are almost NEVER the best way to get an assignment done on time. This guide will teach you how to maximize your time and manage it wisely.

1. Keep a color-coded calendar.

In order to ensure you never miss an assignment or event, make each subject, work, and events a different color. For instance, if you choose blue for math, write every math assignment in your calendar with a blue pen. This guide will give you tips and tricks on which colors to use and whether pens or highlighters work best for you. Color coding will show you how to delegate which subjects have the most work each week and give you tips for maximizing space in your calendar. It will also ensure you don’t confuse two classes’ assignments!

5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

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2. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Say you have Tuesday nights off. You can use it to get your assignments for each week done, especially if you are taking an online class. Sticking to a strict weekly schedule will help with making sure you always have time to get your assignments done. It will also help you remember which classes have weekly assignments. Working on a particular course on the same day each week will maximize your time and utilize time management in the most efficient way.

5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

3. If you have time, work ahead.

This tip could be considered obvious, but a lot of people forget it is possible. If a class gets canceled, or maybe you’re snowed in for the day, take that time to get ahead on anything you can. Professors give the syllabus out at the beginning of the semester and at the very least you can determine what assignments you have coming up in the coming weeks. Using this time management tool will give you more opportunities to explore the town or hang out with friends when you do get a chance to get out of the house!

5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

4. Know when to say “no.”

We all want to have as much fun as we can in college, but the reason we are here is to learn and gain experience. If you have multiple assignments in one week, more than usual, know that it’s okay and sometimes even necessary to say no to plans with your friends. It may be a fun event, but efficient time management means missing the action sometimes. You’ll be thanking yourself when it’s Sunday at 6:30PM and you’re binging Netflix while your friends are struggling to get their weekly work done.

5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

5. Don’t multitask.

As much as it seems like doing two things at once will accomplish tasks faster, it is actually proven that it slows them down! Putting all of your focus on one assignment will significantly decrease the time it takes to complete it. Research also shows that multitasking is detrimental to your mental health. By doing focusing on one task, you are not only increasing your time management skills but can get much more done in a time period. However, make sure you prioritize and accomplish your most important tasks and assignments first!

5 Tips For Excellent Time Management

At the end of the day, time management is important for everyday life, not just for students. Comment below with some ways you keep your time management skills up to par!

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