5 Tips For Creating A Vision Board For Your Dorm Room

Creating a vision board for your dorm room can be both fun and motivational. A vision board can be used for many reasons and can have multiple functions. It is a good activity to perform with friends during a party or even an activity to accomplish on a lazy weekend. 

1. Purpose

The first step in creating a vision board is to decipher your purpose. The idea of a vision board is to visually layout what you want to accomplish in a certain period of time. In other words, it is a tool an individual uses to accomplish a specific life goal. Therefore, before you begin looking at photos, you need to figure out which goal you want to focus on.

This goal could be related to finance (i.e., your dream job/home), your fitness goals, relationships goals, etc… If some of these goals are related such as your financial goals, you can easily create one vision board for both. However, we encourage to do one vision board at a time per the specific theme.

5 Tips For Creating A Vision Board For Your Dorm Room‘

2. Aesthetic

Creating a vision board is all about the aesthetic and mentality. The vision board should be aesthetically pleasing, as in it should be nice to look at. You should choose an aesthetic that makes you want to look at it every day. The aesthetic can be monochrome, marble, or nature related. This is in regards to the color scheme of the pictures.

You might also want to look into the aesthetic of the types of pictures you want to use, as in busy pictures or simple pictures. Do you want people in the photos you use, or not? Next step is to think positive. Your vision board is helping you accomplish a dream, therefore you only want to be releasing positive vibes out into the universe. 

5 Tips For Creating A Vision Board For Your Dorm Room

3. Pictures

Pictures are an essential item when you are creating a vision board. After deciphering your theme and aesthetic, you can get into the fun part and look for pictures. Since you will be cutting out pictures onto a board/frame, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism or copyright.

You simply have to look for the photos that fit your theme and aesthetic and print them out. It is up to you whether you want to use pictures from the internet or personal pictures from your own photo archive. 

5 Tips For Creating A Vision Board For Your Dorm Room

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4. Location

Location is another essential factor when you are creating a vision board. You should place your vision board somewhere you always look. For example, on your bedroom door, where you can see it every time you leave your dorm room. You can also hang it over your bed, or on your closet door.

The idea is to have it someplace where it is visually accessible. You do not want to put it somewhere that is busy, or easily obscured. For instance, don’t put it on your desk, hang it over your desk. If it is on your desk, it can easily be hidden behind textbooks. 

5 Tips For Creating A Vision Board For Your Dorm Room

5. Change The Board

Creating a vision board also entails changing pictures or even themes along the way. If the goal has been accomplished then take the board down and create a new one.

We all know that goals and dreams change as we grow, so if yours has changed a little, feel free to alter your vision board. It is not set in stone, so you can easily replace pictures or even the aesthetic. As long as it suits your vibe and goals, then that is all that matters. 

Creating a vision board is a cute motivational exercise to perform when you are bored at home. Which of your life goals and/or dreams do you want to transform into a vision board first? Let us know down below!

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