10 Tips For College Freshman Moving Into A Dorm

Summer has flown by and there’s a whole new group of college freshmen who are moving into a dorm for their first time. If you fall into this category and you’re wondering what to bring, what to expect, and any general advice on moving into a dorm, here are 1o tips to help you!

1. Don’t Bring Your Entire Wardrobe!

Trust me, I was in this position and brought WAY too many clothes to school for my first semester of college. Think about what you will ACTUALLY wear and pack smart based on the weather of where you’re moving to! Don’t bring 10 pairs of shorts if you are moving somewhere cold, and don’t bring 10 jackets if you’re moving somewhere warm! Pack smart (and listen to your parents, they’re probably right).

10 Tips for College Freshman Moving Into a Dorm

2. Buy Your Decor When You Get to School

If you’re able to buy most of your dorm decor and necessities when you get to school to make the moving process easier. Especially if you are moving far away and you aren’t able to drive to move in, it saves a ton of space to buy your decor when you get to where you’re moving to!

3. Discuss Ground Rules and Expectations With Your Roommate Before Moving In

It’s super rare that you won’t run into some issues with your roommate at some point in the year, even if they are just small disagreements. It makes things a lot easier if you set some ground rules and discuss living expectations regarding cleaning, noise, cooking, guests, etc. before moving in so there is no confusion. It’ll save you from uncomfortable conversations and situations, trust me!

4. Decorate Your Room With Lots of Photos to Make it Feel Like Home

It’s super normal to get homesick during your first year away at college! Sometimes living in a dorm can be a bit uncomfortable and it doesn’t always feel very home-like. Decorate your dorm with photos of family, friends, and home to make you feel more comfortable!

10 Tips for College Freshman Moving Into a Dorm

5. Check Your School’s Rules For What You Can/Cannot Bring

Most schools have rules for things that you can and can’t bring into your dorm room, so make sure to check these lists before moving in to save yourself a hassle!

6. Keep Clean and Organized

The first semester as a freshman in college can get stressful, especially when you’re living in a new space and getting adjusted to living on your own. Keeping your space clean and organized will help you feel less stressed and will allow you to have a clearer mind when you’re in your room!

10 Tips for College Freshman Moving Into a Dorm

7. Call Your Friends and Family Frequently!

Like I said before, it’s so normal to get homesick and a great way to battle the feeling is by keeping in touch with family and friends! Make a schedule to call people so that you can stay updated on all of your friends’ and family member’s lives and vice versa!

8. Get a Sleeping Mask and Earplugs

It’s pretty rare that you and your roommate(s) will have the same schedules, so it’s a good idea to buy a sleeping mask and earplugs so that if they’re up late or early, you can continue to sleep. This was a lifesaver during my freshman year when my roommate had class at 8 am nearly every morning.

9. Buy Under the Bed Storage Units

Unless you’re super lucky and have a lot of storage space, you’ll probably be stressing out trying to figure out how you’re going to fit all of your stuff in your room. Buy storage units for under your bed to save space in your room!

storage for dorm #HabitacionesMatrimonialesNordicas

10. Be Ready For A Lot of Freedom — Be Responsible!

Going off to college and living on your own means a whole lot of freedom that most of us didn’t have before. This freedom is amazing, but it can also be taken advantage of since there’s no one telling you when you have to go to bed and do your work when you’re away at college. Be responsible, but also have so much fun! These next four years will be so special and fun!

What are some of your tips for college freshmen who are moving into a dorm for the first time? Leave them down below!

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