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Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Maybe you have been hearing a lot about getting a more sustainable lifestyle, but you still don’t really know what the fuss is all about. Well we got some answers for you! A sustainable lifestyle is the practice of reducing your demand on natural resources by making sure that you replace those things you use to the best of your ability. Some people confuse having a sustainable lifestyle with just buying organic food and recycling and while that is a part of it, is not all what sustainability is about. Achieving a more sustainable lifestyles involves a lot of changes in the way you are used to consuming.

A small example can be stop buying from brands that are known for not being animal cruelty free. And while you might think changing the way you consume and let yourself be absorb by sustainability is a really hard task, is not at all! It’s a good thing to keep in mind that if you are already practicing a sustainable lifestyle you can encourage others to join with little steps. If you haven’t started take this few tips as the baby steps for a change that’s only for the better in the way you are living!

1. Transportation Change

Changing the way we transport ourselves around is an easy thing to change that will send you closer to a sustainable lifestyle. Instead of driving your car alone to college or work try carpooling which basically means you get some coworkers or friends that are going to the same place and drive all together. You can also start walking or riding a bike to the places you need to go instead of always taking a car, these little actions can help us reduce pollution and get a healthier way of living.Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle


2. Appreciate Daylight

While this might sound a bit silly, is not! Taking advantage of daylight is a great way of reducing our energy use and therefore reduce your electricity bill which has never made anyone angry. Plus, your tube lights and lightbulbs are going to last longer. You can implement solar panels to take as much advantage of sunlight as you can!Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

3. Ditch Plastic

This is a big YES on achieving a sustainable lifestyle. Plastic is not only affecting our seas and animals, it’s also a thing that takes millions and millions of years to disappear. Instead of using a one-time plastic bag try having your own reusable bags for when you go to the grocery store or to do any shopping. You can also have your own water bottle instead of buying a plastic one each time you are thirsty, to mention a few actions you can take on the matter.Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

4. Resell or Donate

Sometimes we keep a lot of stuff just laying around that we don’t really need, and it also happens that a lot of those items are in good conditions. Take a day to clean around your house and decide which items you no longer use or need. Then you can also decide if these items should be donated or resell online or on a garage sale!Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle


5. Learn What You Are Buying

It has happened to all of us that we just purchase products and we don’t really know where they are coming from or under what conditions they are being produced. A great way to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle is starting to take interest in the things we are purchasing. For example is you are used to buying clothes at a certain store, learn about the way they are producing their things, if their workers have enough rights or where are the fabrics used made.Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

6. Start Growing Your Own Food

Making a home garden is a great way of getting a sustainable lifestyle. You don’t even need to have that much space! You can grow crops on reused cans which will also be a way of reducing waste and placing them on your windowsill. This will also reduce your budget on shopping since some ingredients you will already have them on hand! Purchase a few seeds and get to gardening!Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

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7. Reduce Household Energy Use

Reducing your household energy use is a great way of achieving a more sustainable lifestyle since energy conservation is itself a source of energy. You can start by turning off appliances and lights that you are not using, install energy efficient appliances around your house, open windows instead of turning the air condition, hanging your clothes to dry instead of using the drier and more!Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

8. Get A Water-Saving Shower Head

It might had happened to you that you try to take shorter showers as a way of reducing your water consume, but you haven’t been able to really achieve it. That’s why we bring you a solution, get yourself a water-saving shower head! Tis low-flow heads will deliver enough amount of water to shower yourself without wasting that much water while doing it. You can find lots of options around, so be sure to check them out!Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

9. Second Hand Is Always A Good Choice

Buying second hand clothes doesn’t mean you are poor, and it neither means you should be ashamed of doing so! On the contrary, it’s a great way to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle while saving a few dollars at the same time. Buying second hand clothes gives you the opportunity of creating a more unique style because you can find lots of pieces fewer people will have. it also gives you the chance to find really treasures like high-brand garments for just a few dollars.Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle


10. Go Paperless

Avoid using paper on things you don’t really need it. Instead of sending physical invitations to a party, send them electronically, this will save paper plus make it easier to people to remember since they can view it from their phones. you can also unsubscribe to magazines, junk mail or any papers that arrive to your mailbox that you just know you are going to end throwing away.Tips For Achieving A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Remember that this world is not only us to enjoy and adapting our self to change can save hundreds of lives! Are you up for the challenge?

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