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10 Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday

10 Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday

There is no better day to score a deal than one Cyber Monday! Here are 10 tips you have to check out if you want to know how to get the best bargains!

Cyber Monday is the newest Black Friday that lets us get some of the best deals without having to wait in a 2 hour line in 30 degree weather. However, for those new to Cyber Monday, there are a few tips and tricks to guarantee a successful shopping spree – all from the comfort of your bed!

1. Store items in your shopping cart beforehand

In your down time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, go through your favorite online stores and add all the items you absolutely want to your shopping cart. This way, when Monday rolls around all you have to do is open your shopping cart and see which items reduced in price. For the extravagant items (such as that floral $400 ottoman that you don’t need but is absolutely adorable), add them to your wish list and check their new prices on Monday—if it’s worth it, buy them! If not… well just keep them in your wish list to give you something pretty to look at.

2. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.

Remember that Sushi Kit from Urban Outfitters that you bought 3 years ago and only used once? We do. And we don’t even like to cook. Don’t let Cyber Monday be an excuse to buy something you’ll never use. There are so many other things you can spend the money on that you’ll enjoy more.

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3. Do your holiday shopping!

Need some stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends? Most of the things that are on sale on Cyber Monday are small gift items — so use this opportunity to stock up and save money on them!

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4. Define your priorities.

Do you need winter boots but haven’t bought any because they’re too expensive? Now is the perfect opportunity to buy them! Make a list of all the things you absolutely need and set them as a priority to spend your money on first.

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5. Set a limit.

Shopping sprees are always fun in the moment, but never fun when we look at our bank accounts after. Set a limit for yourself so you don’t go too overboard and still have money for everyday expenses.

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6. Shop early.

You won’t believe how many people also put that cute Kate Spade bag in their shopping carts. On cyber Monday, the best items do sell out fast, so buy them first! Log on early in the morning to guarantee you snag those priority items. Once you’ve purchased these items first, then allow yourself to more leisurely browse the internet for other deals (that is if you have any money leftover!).

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7. Know your size.

We’ve all bought a clothing item online to find out that it did not fit as expected. Try not to buy clothing from stores where you don’t know your size. For example, H&M typically runs at least two sizes too small, while American Eagle jeans generally run big. Know the store sizes beforehand so you aren’t disappointed when your package arrives.

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8. Don’t fall for a fake sale.

As a way to boost Cyber Monday sales, a lot of stores will label a regular “sale” that they always have as a “Cyber Monday sale.” For example, American Eagle and Francesca’s has a “buy 1 get 1 50% off” jewelry sale almost every day of the year, but they boost the promotion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Know what the stores’ regular sales are and don’t get them confused with actual Cyber Monday sales so you can focus your shopping on those one time deals, only.

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9. If it’s not on sale, don’t bother.

If you stumble across something adorable, but tragically, is not on sale – keep it in your shopping cart or wish list for a later time. From Thanksgiving to the end of January, companies are trying to get rid of as many products as possible. Some of the best deals actually come after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So if you see something you like but it’s not on sale yet, keep checking in the weeks following Cyber Monday because it’s bound to have a discount.

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10. Keep track of your purchases.

If you plan on buying from multiple websites, be sure to keep track of your purchases. Print out confirmation or proof of purchase documents. This way, 5 weeks down the road when you still haven’t received those cute flats, you will have your confirmation number handy to call and complain. Or if you need to return any items for whatever reason, having the purchase information readily available will make things much easier!

What is your Cyber Monday strategy? Tell us in the comments!
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