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Must Have’s For A Fashionable Day At The Beach

Must Have’s For A Fashionable Day At The Beach


Okay, so we’re not quite all living the Laguna Beach lifestyle with Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean” playing in the background, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it! Beachwear has become an everyday trend, and we’ve got the tips to a summer wardrobe even LC would love.

1. Pack for day and night. The best beach trips are the ones spent all day in the sand, so it’s best to pack for the hot, sunny days spent in the waves and the cool, breezy nights crowded around a big bonfire.




Day. Of course, the bathing suit. Popular trends this year are fringe tops and strappy bottoms. Or go for a sporty bralette top and challenge your friends to a volleyball game.



Pack a fun graphic tee to throw on for the snack shack or a comfortable, oversized button-down. A maxi dress or skirt and a crop top are great for windy days by the water. Don’t forget accessories like a chic sunhat and funky sunglasses to match, and your sandals of course.

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Night. A true fashionista is always prepared and a night at the beach is no exception. Bring a pair of high-top or canvas sneakers to help trek through the cold sand and an oversized sweater with some high-waist distressed shorts for a relaxed, I-just-spend-all-day-at-the-beach look. Or pull that maxi dress back on with a long-sleeve button-down to keep cozy.




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2. Remember the essentials! We always bring our towel to sunbathe and our SPF, but what other beach essentials do we forget to bring? Always remember to pack your things in a beach-proof bag equipped with 500 different compartments and a seagull-free guarantee. Facial wipes are great to free your skin from the blowing sand and salt water, and reactivating mist for your hair to keep hold of those beachy waves. Stick your cellphone and wallet in a plastic bag beforehand just in case, and pack your stereo with the loudest speakers, Hillary Duff CD included.

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