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Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad is exciting, at times daunting, and can amount to your most memorable adventures! You’ll see breathtaking views, meet the most interesting people, learn more about culture, and possibly come face to face with international monuments that you’ve only dreamed of seeing. I have some great tips to ensure you’ll get to do all of those things and so much more while also staying safe, positive, and ready for any challenges ahead! 

1. Stay Calm And Enjoy 

 I studied abroad in New Zealand two years ago which was everything you would dream of it being. However, the flights were long and upon arrival, I went to get my luggage… and of course, it wasn’t there. So the universe was testing me, I could see that, but I had no makeup, no clothes except for the dirty ones in my carry on backpack and in the next couple of days I would have orientation and be meeting tons of new people.

So it wasn’t an ideal situation and I might have shed a tear or two. The moral of the story though is the bounce-back. You may face an array of challenges like missing a train or flight or having a difficult time making friends. No matter what, face it head on trusting that you will make it out on the other side. A couple days later my luggage arrived and I was lucky enough to have two amazing flatmates that helped me get new clothes and settle in without another bump. Stay calm and just enjoy the ride, most of all stay flexible and ready for anything. 

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

2. Let Go Of Fear 

You’re going on an adventure of a lifetime so let go of fear of the unknown and just go with the flow. Try new things while you’re at it! Get out of your comfort zone, that’s the only way you’re going to grow. Most times when I was afraid or hesitant of going on a long hike I didn’t think I could do or driving around the South Island of NZ for 10 days, it turned out to be the best experience and I have memories and pictures to show for it. Get out of your own way, trust yourself, and take the adventure in strides. 

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

3. Money Honey 

Okay, so money is a seriously important aspect of traveling abroad. But, it will not make or break your experience. Layout a plan that’ll indicate where is most important to spend your money, and what isn’t.  Like for food, flights, trips, driving possibly and the list goes on. For me, it was between bungee jumping for $200 dollars or eating for the next couple of months. I obviously chose to eat instead of bungee jumping, I found an hour hike up to the top of a gondola that looked out to Queenstown, NZ. Needless to say, it was a priceless view. 

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

4. We’re Going To The Club 

Okay, it’s time to go to the bar or club and experience some nightlife. Remember, you’re not at your usual college bar with your usual besties who have your back. Of course, you may be going with friends from abroad who you don’t really know yet or don’t know how they are while drinking. Rule number one: Always know your surroundings, keep an eye out for your friends and the people or situations happening around you (but also have a good time).

Rule number two: drink some water after every alcoholic drink you buy! It’ll help you to slow down and stay clear-minded, and you won’t be hungover the next day.

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Rule number three: Always leave when someone from your group is tired or ready to leave and make sure everyone gets home safely. Nothing good happens after a certain hour, and nothing good happens especially when you’re a bit drunk and by yourself. Keep these things in mind when going out, stay safe, but most of all have a great time! 

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

5. Friendships Abroad 

It can be hard making friendships abroad, but put yourself out there! If you see an opportunity to meet other people, then take it! Don’t be afraid to go right up and introduce yourself and then invite people to go try that cool gelato place down the street or go on that intense hike you’ve been wanting to try! If someone invites you to go rock climbing, say yes! Take the opportunity if it arises and seems like a good one for you! 

Tips Everyone Needs While Traveling Abroad

I hope these tips will help you have a great, safe and adventurous time while traveling abroad! If you are traveling abroad soon, we’d love to know where?! If you already have traveled abroad then we’d love to know what kind of tips you’d have for someone traveling soon! 

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