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Tips Every UCI Freshman Should Know

Tips Every UCI Freshman Should Know

Tips Every UCI Freshman Should Know

1. Having multiple finals on the same day will be very stressful.

You should try to avoid this if possible.

2. Use Antplanner when trying to organize your schedule.

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3. Join UCI Free & For Sale’s pages on Facebook to gain access to inexpensive textbooks.

4. For most classes, the first few weeks will seem like a breeze.

As a UCI freshman, you might think your college career will be a breeze; but once your midterm hits during week four or five, get ready for your grades to start plummeting.

5. If you’re trying to look for a job, try creating a Zotlink to access campus jobs.

Also, the Career Center is a good place for you to learn about career-related topics, like interviews and resumes.


6. There are always groups/students who are eager to help others, so take advantage of that./shop/HarvestPaperCo

7. Try visiting office hours before complaining about the professors.

Some professors are bad at lecturing, while great at explaining things one-on-one.

8. UCI freshman year is probably one of the best times to make friends.

You’re not taking your core classes yet, so the people you meet are more diverse – take advantage of this!

9. Bunching classes together is beneficial in increasing the amount of free time you have.

10. If you’re considering living in Mesa Court…

Mesa has a natural environment, but is not super close to campus. It’s next to a parking lot and has one dining hall.

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11. If you’re considering living in Middle Earth…

Middle Earth is closer to classrooms than Mesa Court, and it’s more apartment like. There are two dining halls here – Pippin and Brandywine.

Have any other tips every UCI freshman should know? Comment below!

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