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5 Tips Every Transfer Student At SF State Should Know

5 Tips Every Transfer Student At SF State Should Know

Transferring into a large University can be a bit of a process, but with these tips every SF State student should know, it'll be no problem!

Many of us start out at our local community college with the hopes to transfer to a UC or CSU. Transferring to SF State University is a great choice, and is in the best market for employment in California. Here are some imperative tips for a successful transfer to San Francisco State University.

1. Add San Francisco State on your FAFSA before the March 2nd priority deadline!


2. Ensure you have consulted with your counselor to confirm that you have completed all of the requisite requirements to successfully transfer to San Francisco State.

Whether it be the 60 units of GE, or the AA/AS-T, you need to have it all completed in order to transfer.


3.  Make sure your application is on time and completed correctly.

So many students get their application rejected because their documents were not completed on time, or they were completed incorrectly.



4. Upon acceptance, make sure you pay the enrollment deposit by the deadline.

Or you won’t be transferring anywhere!

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5. Make sure you declare an alternate ”non-impacted” (less competitive) major on your application.

Just in case you weren’t selected for your first choice.

These are 5 tips for a successful transfer to SF State University! Anything to add? Share in the comments!
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