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20 Tips Every Quinnipiac Freshman Must Know

20 Tips Every Quinnipiac Freshman Must Know

If you're committed or a prospective student of Quinnipiac, this is an article you should read. Here are 20 tips every Quinnipiac freshman should know.

When I arrived at Quinnipiac, I didn’t know anyone personally. I had contact with my friend’s friend who helped and gave me advice before I started college. It helped me a lot, but not all Freshman can have the chance to know someone older who can give them advice. That’s why I think these 20 tips will help any Quinnipiac freshman.

1. Orientation is an easy way to make a lot of friends.

Orientation is where you can meet a lot of friends! Even if you don’t like your group or the activities, talk to people.

2. Move-in day.

Move-in day for a Quinnipiac freshman can be overwhelming and long. As soon as you’re finished, it will be so much better. Yes, you are going to forget a lot of things from home!

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

3. Clean your room.

You don’t have so much space. Try to be organized with your stuff on your side of the room. Especially for you and your roommate or for your parents when they are visiting.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

4. Fridges and mattress are lifesavers.

You can borrow a fridge from the school but having your own make things easier. Also, Public Safety can’t look inside if it’s yours. Beds are unfortunately not really comfortable but you can buy an extra mattress to make it better. 

5. Bring a fan, it’s hot!

August to October are hot months, especially in your room!

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

6. Winter is coming!

It can be very cold when you are walking to class at 8 a.m.! Bring winter clothes if you are not going home for Thanksgiving. The weather changes easily so be careful and check the weather before going out of your dorm.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

7. Freshman 15 is real.

Do some activities and work-out to stay in shape. The Cafe has soup, some vegetables and salads. Don’t go to the burger station everyday.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

8. Your schedule is important.

Try to not take 8 a.m. classes even if you think that you are a “morning person.” Dorms and suites are loud so don’t sleep until 10 or 11 p.m. If you want to have the time to go somewhere like the gym, meetings, clubs or even take a nap, schedule it all appropriately. The more organized you are, the less time you will lose.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

9. Ask for help when needed.

Go see your teacher or the Learning Commons for help! If you need help with your homework or a class they will always be available for students.

10. Work in a group!

Having a classmate or group with whom you can work with is the best, especially as a Quinnipiac freshman.  I remember struggling with a hard class and when I found a group to work with, my grades went up and I had less difficulties in the class. So don’t be shy to ask around you!

11. Look up your teachers.

Even if some new teachers are not here, you can sometimes figure it out.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

12. Don’t wait until the last minute to do something.

Save your time and do your homework before the deadline!

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

13. Learn how to book a room.

Book a study room for finals because the campus is really crowded. The library, Business School, Communication School, Tator Hall are all usually booked one to two weeks before finals begin. Here are instructions to help you book a room.

Go to:

Click “Quick Link” on the left side, beside “Application.”

Click “Reserve a space” (23rd)

Go to Reservation and choose:

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

For a Team Study Room, choose the date and hour.

Click on the cross to choose the room.

Finally, book the room and click “Submit.”

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What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

14. Don’t sign up for every club during the fair!

Being bombarded with a hundred of e-mails all year isn’t what you want. Choose wisely where you want to be involved as a Quinnipiac freshman, 3-4 clubs maximum. Remember you don’t have as much time as you think.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

15. Sororities and fraternities.

If you want to rush a sorority, it’s going to be an overwhelming three days. Fraternities have a different process which is more relaxed. The members of the sororities would say 100 times a day, “Trust the Process.” Even if the process can be long and repeating, be yourself during the weekend and try to find the sorority where you feel the most confident. If you join a sorority or fraternity, you will need nice outfit. 

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

16. Starbucks is good but don’t waste your time during rush hour.

Going to Starbucks during rush hour is a bad idea if you don’t have half an hour to waste. Coffee there is way better than the cafe. You can take a coffee or hot chocolate and sit with your friend at the Starbucks to relax but if you want to work it’s not the best place to go except if you work well around noises and loud people.

17. Be careful with your meal plan.

If you are a good eater, try to ask your parent to buy you the gold meal plan or manage what you are going to eat.  A lot of people rant out of money on their meal plan in October or November the first semester! Tip: Starbucks and sushi cost a lot.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

18. The gym in York Hill is new and way better than the Mount Carmel one.

If you have the time to go to York Hill during the day, go check out the gym and relax. There are classes available like yoga and spin. It’s fun, do it with a friend!

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

19. Going out.

The first thing to know is that a lot of people go out on Thursdays. If it’s not Gotham or Toad’s, it can be Vanity or Dick’s.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

20. Take every opportunity.

When you become a Quinnipiac freshman, you will have many opportunities which will come to you but not always. Read your e-mail, ask people around you, go check the Fair. If you want to be involved in every way, that’s the move.

What it's like as a Quinnipiac freshman

Share your tips for Quinnipiac freshman in the comments below!
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