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20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

Being a Hofstra University freshman is such an exciting and stressful time. Here are 20 tips to make the most of your first year at Hof!

Being a freshman is such an exciting and stressful time for every student. It means entering a new place with new faces and new experiences. Here are 20 tips that every Hofstra University freshman should know to make the best of their first year!

20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

1. Get involved

I can promise you, if you don’t take the opportunity to join at least ONE club/organization/sport within your first semester of freshman year, you will not have a solid group of friends you can do everything with. Don’t be shy, get out there and try new things!


2. Your roommate will become your first college best friend, I can promise you that

I didn’t think I would get attached to my roommate, but it only took winter break to realize, my roommate is a best friend of mine and someone I could trust with everything. They are there most of the time you’re down, and every time you’re sick. They’re cool peeps!

20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

3. Time your laundry

Yes, the rumor is true, your clothes will travel around if you don’t time it. Remember, it’s not only your laundry room and you’re sharing with a lot of other individuals, so be considerate. Don’t be that person to make the following person have to transfer your clothes; no one likes that.


4. Don’t skip class

Within my first semester of college, I skipped one class and I still feel guilty about it. The professors at Hofstra actually DO care about you and your education, but once they see you don’t, they’ll stop caring too. After all, you’re in college to learn, right? Plus, YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT.

5. Keep in contact with family and friends back home

Hofstra is a beautiful campus, filled with a lot of fun things to do, and the city is about 40 minutes away. However, Hofstra has taught me it is important to always contact back home, even if it is only for 5 minutes a day.

6. Go to office hours

Every professor offers office hours. Go to them, get to know your professors on a one on one, first name basis. The professors at Hofstra WILL remember your name, and will say hello to you whenever they see you on campus.


7. Hofstra is not full of “snobby, rich kids”

When I applied to Hofstra, got in and made up my mind to attend, everyone back home said Hofstra was a school filled with snobby, rich kids. I’ve come to realize that was completely false. Of course there will always be a snobby kid wherever you go, and a couple of rich kids, but not everyone is like that. Hofstra students know the “struggle” and we get through it together! And yes, we ALL are in debt.

8. It goes by fast

I’m entering my second semester of freshman year at Hof. It has been the best time of my life, and I’m glad I chose Hofstra. Live with no regrets.

9. Have fun

No, for real, it is okay to have fun. You’re in charge and you’re an adult. Whatever you decide to do is on you. You should not stay in your dorm or house 24/7, nor live in the library all day, every day. It is okay to have fun, if anything, it is highly recommended. Hofstra is a school that teaches its students to prioritized, including making time for our social lives.


20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

10. Relationships are not NECESSARY

As much as it seems nice to have a boyfriend/girlfriend while in college, it is not necessary. If anything, I wouldn’t recommend it. Your first year of college should be devoted to finding out who you truly are and having fun with your friends!

11. Take a random class that isn’t your major

It’s understandable that major courses are first priority and can be a handful and a half. However, if you aren’t 100%  with your choice of major or are thinking about minoring in something, taking a random class can be beneficial.


12. Pay a visit to the game room

The game room was designed for the students and it is important that the students do take a break and have a little fun!

13. Pizza. Becomes. Life.

Literally, it does! As a freshman at Hofstra, you most likely dorm in the Netherlands or Stuyvesant. With that being said, the student center is the closest spot for food and the first thing in the student center is Sbarro’s, the pizza place. Although you’ll get sick of pizza quickly, it’s so much easier and less of a time to grab to eat!

20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know


14. Greek life isn’t bad, especially at Hofstra

I always wanted to join Greek life, but then I thought I wouldn’t fit in. Wrong. At Hofstra, there are so many Greek life organizations that everyone, I mean everyone, can find one that they belong in!

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20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know


15. Hof means Hofstra

For real, before you go to Hofstra, I doubt you’ll ever call Hofstra, Hof. Go Pride Go!

16. HofUSA is pronounced Hofusa

I know it might sound weird at first, but know this so you know what people are saying !

17. Go home once in a while

It’s okay to not feel a desire to go home right away, it happens to most of us. However, you cannot forget about home while adjusting to college life. Pay a visit at least on breaks


18. Show school pride

Although the bookstore can be a bit expensive, everyone should have at least one piece of clothing to show their school pride! You chose the school, so show how proud you are to be a part of the Pride family!

19. Stay Humble

Many times people can forget how lucky they are to attend such an amazing school. As intelligent as you must be, don’t forget where you come from, and express yourself always. Staying humble is the greatest thing you can do while at Hofstra!

20. Hofstra is the place to be

What can I say, Hof is the place to be! As a freshman, you’ll be able to learn that.


20 Tips Every Hofstra University Freshman Should Know

Do you have any other tips for Hofstra University freshman!? Share in the comments below!

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