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6 Tips And Tricks For Job-Hunting College Grads

So, you’ve finally graduated. But now you’re expected to find employment. Here are 6 job hunting tips that will make your search more fruitful. 

1. Make a Habit of Checking your Email. 

The first of our job hunting tips relies on the fact that many companies that hire through companies like LinkedIn or Indeed will show a preference to the first batch of applicants who respond to their emails. The more quickly you can respond to an email from a potential employer, the more likely they are to actually give you a chance. Checking your email regularly will help you make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities. Another reason to consistently and regularly check your email is that it is a useful habit and often required in professional settings. It’s best to build good communication habits now rather than play catch-up once you’ve actually landed a job. Employers also like it when their prospective new hires already have a degree of professionalism. Check your email regularly, and respond promptly to emails, and you’ll be in a good position. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Cast a Wide Net. 

Even if you’re just starting out on your search, one of the best job hunting tips I can give is to cast a wide net. Apply for a wide variety of positions and professions and seek out a wide variety of potential employers. Don’t limit yourself to just a single type of job or work environment. Encourage yourself to apply for many types of jobs and positions, even if you don’t know if you’re qualified for it. If it’s something you think you’d enjoy and could handle, go for it. The worst the potential employer can do is turn you down. Even if you do make it to an interview, make sure you have other options lined up. As many as you think you can keep track of. The more applications you send out, the more jobs you can possibly get hired for.   

3. Don’t Get Discouraged, and Stay Proactive. 

Out of all the job hunting tips I’ve received, this one is probably the most vital. Don’t get discouraged if your first few dozen applications bounce. Countless individuals have been in the same position you’re in right now, and countless more are in that position with you. It was the ones who didn’t give up who eventually got hired. Make sure that you’re sending out as many applications as you can, and don’t let a few rejections get you down. We live in a competitive world, so you can’t afford to slack off. Make sure you’re using your time well, and putting your best foot forward so you can score those interviews. Use all your resources and skills to make yourself look as good as you can for the potential employers. Even if it takes days, weeks, or even months, keep at it. You also shouldn’t be afraid to take on part-time work while continuing your search for the job you actually want. We’ve all gotta eat, after all.  

4. Don’t Stick to Just One Job-Finder. 

Going hand in hand with the previous job hunting tips about keeping your options open, don’t limit yourself to just one job-finding site. Different employers will advertise on different web sites, so the more sites you search on, the more options are available to you. Some of the most reputable websites include LinkedIn and Indeed, but there are many others to choose from. An option that not many people consider is checking local and state government websites for possible employment. Government jobs are very stable and barring the collapse of the government itself, will pay you well. You can also check the websites of various businesses, schools, or other possible employers directly, as some of them will not advertise on job-seeking websites but will allow for more direct methods. Search on a wide variety of job application sites, and use a wide variety of search settings. You might just stumble upon an opportunity perfect for you. Keep your options varied and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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5. Don’t be Afraid to Consider Virtual or Remote Positions. 

Supposedly, the Millennials are in the process of killing the 9-5 office job, so here’s a tip from me to you: feel free to help them finish it off. Since the Pandemic, many companies are offering more and more virtual and remote positions, and you should absolutely take advantage of this fact. This is one of the essential job hunting tips for the current generation. You have these new opportunities, so use them. Remote or virtual work offers a way to take a wide variety of positions without needing to be near to the actual employer. Take it from me, my bosses are well over a thousand miles away from where I work. If you’re willing to take time zone differences and possible communication difficulties into account, you gain access to exponentially more potential employment options than those offered by standard, in-person 9-5 office jobs. 

6. Occupy Your Free Time With Resume-Building. 

The last of my job hunting tips for you is to make good use of the large amount of free time you’ll find you now have post-graduation. A good way to make use of it is to engage in resume building. Seek out part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities, or internships to gain valuable experience and references. Internships allow you to familiarize yourself with possible employers and workplace protocol, as well as making you a familiar face to potential employers later on. Volunteer Positions allow you to gain valuable experience, help you develop a variety of skills, are generally pretty flexible with regards to other things on your schedules, and look great on a resume. Part time-positions allow you to make some money, teach you the basics of working and scheduling for full-time positions later on, and add credibility and work experience to your resume.  You should also not be ashamed if you need to take on an entry-level or menial position while searching for something more. Use your time well, improve your credentials, and you’ll be on your way to bigger and better things. 

Are there any tricks for job hunting you know? Be sure to share them with us. 

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