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Tips And Tricks For Anyone Intimidated By The Gym

Tips And Tricks For Anyone Intimidated By The Gym

Stepping foot into a gym is intimidating and scary. There’s fear of people judging you and also going in without knowing what the heck to do. If you’re starting your fitness journey and don’t know where to go, here are tips and tricks for anyone intimidated by them gym. These tips and tricks for anyone intimidated by the gym will be so helpful.

*Keep in mind I am not a certified fitness instructor and I’m just someone who enjoys exercising as a hobby. I am in no way authorized to train or teach people and if anyone injures themselves after going to the gym and trying these I am in no way shape or form to be held responsible. Work out at your own pace and risk and consult a doctor or physician before participating in physical activity.

Plan Your Workout Before Arriving To The Gym

This is crucial for anyone who wants to incorporate the gym into their daily routine. If you have no idea what you want to plan, first you need to evaluate what equipment is available for you at the gym you’re signing up for.

Do you want to swim? Plan out your routine then make sure the times you go, you have access to the pool. Make sure there are no classes when you go because that will cut into your time.

Do you want to lift weights? Make sure you get basic form down and research and ask for help with any moves you’re doing. Plan what areas of the gym you’re going to be using and stick with that to stay confident.

You should look up beginners guides and start from there, in my opinion. Refer to them as you work out! Befriend the staff at your gym and ask them for help and assistance. Explain what you’ve planned to them, and they can help you out!

Don’t let the gym intimidate you! Plan out your workout with this good tip!

Tips And Tricks For Anyone Intimidated By The Gym

Write Down Your Workout

This goes along with planning your workout.

Getting a notebook, or using your phones note app, to write down your workout routine for the day is the key to success.

You’ll radiate confidence as you do your routine. Nobody should bother you and the written down plan will help you get in and get out. You’ll have a good estimate of the amount of time you’ll be at the gym and you’re also keeping track of what you did on a specific day.

It is a form of tracking your progress and also having a guide to the gym. This is also very helpful for those who like lists and checking things off! When you finish your workout you can mark it done with a “check” cause you just rocked your workout.

This is a helpful tip for you if you’re intimidated by the gym and you should totally try this out if you’ve never done it before.

Go With A Friend

If you’re a college student and have friends that are also interested in going to the gym this is perfect for you. This is also perfect for anyone who has friends that want to workout with you, but they should have a membership to the same gym as you. I know many gyms offer free trials for new potential members, and some offer guest passes for current members.

Having someone be by your side gives people so much confidence! If you have a supportive friend, this will be a perfect way to get in shape and build your relationship! You two can bond and encourage each other while staying in shape which is a win-win in my book.

Hopefully one of you has a plan for the gym, but even if you walk in without a plan, you can jump around and make plans as your time at the gym goes on.

This is a tip for someone who wants that encouragement and support in the gym and if you have someone who’s willing to do it, bring them to the gym!

Tips And Tricks For Anyone Intimidated By The Gym

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Remind Yourself Everyone Is As Self-Conscious As You Are

This one requires you to get over a mental block. I know getting over people judging you is a lifelong process. It depends on lots of factors in your life at the moment such as self confidence, how much you’ve planned before going to the gym, and personal things going on in your life.

Taking that into account, you need to remember everyone is thinking the same thoughts you are. Those same thoughts are running through their head and they’re just as worried about the way they look.

If you’re lacking confidence because you’re worried people are staring at you, always always always remember people are as self-conscious as you are and are in their own world.

Take A Fitness Class

Fitness classes!

These are great ways to get involved in the gym, meet people, have fun and try out new forms of exercise. If you have a gym membership, many gyms let you take any classes offered. If you only want to go to the class and not have a gym membership, I believe you can consult the gym and see what they offer.

There are so many different kinds of fitness classes offered, from beginner to experienced, and dancing to weight lifting.

Tips And Tricks For Anyone Intimidated By The Gym

Hire A Personal Trainer

Anyone can do this, and most gyms have personal trainers available! They can work with your schedule and want to know and understand your goals. They usually have a consultation meeting with those interested in hiring a personal trainer, so be prepared with a goal in mind. Whether it be losing X amount of pounds, lifting X amount of pounds, being able to do the splits, or anything else. Let them know what you want to accomplish through the experience.

They will teach you everything you need to know about working out and motivate and encourage you. After you feel you have the proper knowledge and form, you can start going to the gym without a personal trainer and have that confidence you worked so hard to get!

At the end of the day, remember why you’re going to the gym. Whether it be to improve your lifestyle, lose weight, get stronger or anything else in between, if you follow these tips and tricks you’ll walk into the gym with confidence and kill your workout!These tips and tricks for anyone intimidated by the gym will help so much. Leave a comment below stating what you do to walk into the gym with confidence, or if you tried any of these tips out and how it went for you!

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