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20 Tiny Travel Tattoos For People With Wanderlust

20 Tiny Travel Tattoos For People With Wanderlust

Tiny tattoos are all the rage. Here are tiny travel tattoos for wanderlust lovers. Forget tiny star tattoos. Thinking of getting a travel tattoo? Go for it!

When it comes to getting a tattoo, most of us constantly debate back and forth on what we want to get and where we want to get it. For those of us who are travelers, there’s an instinct we have that makes us want to get a traveling tattoo to show off our hobby. If you don’t have the wanderlust gene but want a tiny tattoo, check out these tiny tattoos. Luckily, there’s plenty of travel tattoos on the internet that can help us shape our own ideas.

1. Keep it simple with just the word “Travel.” The ultimate phrase for travel tattoos.

For those of us who prefer to keep it simple, the word “travel” in a cute spot never fails.



2.  World-inspired finger tattoos

Having cute travel symbols on your fingers is a cute way to show off destinations. You can even use different countries or continents on each finger.

Travel 2

3. A colorful world tattoo

With this tattoo, you can choose to color it all in from the beginning or color each continent in as you’ve been there.


Travel 3

4. Airplane in the sky

The colors on this tattoo are what really make it pop.

Travel 4


5. A hot air balloon that looks like the world.

The luggage in place of a basket is what really sold me here.


6. A matching tattoo with your travel partner.

Most of us have a best friend, but if you’re lucky enough to have a best friend who’s also your travel partner, seal the deal with these cute matching airplane tattoos!


Travel 6

7. An airplane with a heart shaped tail.

This tattoo that includes a heart will show you truly love to travel.

Travel 7


8.  A small heart/airplane tattoo.

This cute little tattoo can be hidden nearly anywhere.

Travel 8

9.  A world map with an airplane.

This little tattoo spans across two arms, making it a fun way to show off your traveling experiences.


Travel 9

10.  A simple camera

If the most important part of your traveling experience is taking pictures, this is the tattoo for you.

Travel 10


11. An outline of your favorite cities.

This little tattoo is super creative and you can add any city you like to it. As you visit more cities, you can add another skyline.

Travel 11

12. A colorful airplane

No other image could represent traveling more than an airplane. Make it pretty by adding different designs and colors around it.


Travel 12

13. Matching coordinates.

Did you meet your best friend while traveling? You guys could get matching coordinates of where each other is from.

Travel 13


14. An anchor and palm tree.

Favorite destination the beach? Choose some beach symbols to show off your favorite destinations.

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Travel 14


15.  A travel quote

There’s so many cute travel quotes to choose from or you could create your own. Add a little paper airplane for some spark.

Trave 15

16. A Peter Pan addition

As we all know Peter Pan could fly and he dreamed big. He would be a cute addition to any travel tattoo.


Travel 16

17. A single skyline

If there’s one skyline in particular that really thrills you, try this tattoo!

Travel 17


18. Artwork of your favorite place

This tiny drawing would be cute nearly anywhere and you can have it of any destination you like.

Travel 18

19. Freedom

Those of us who like to travel truly enjoy freedom. Why not represent that with this cute tattoo?


Travel 19

20. “GO” with cute drawings.

This cute tattoo can be made into any size and can go nearly anywhere. Us travelers love to get up and “GO.” What better way to represent that?

Travel 20

Let us know what you think about these tiny tattoos! Drop us a line!!
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