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10 Tiny Tattoos You’ll Want To Get ASAP

10 Tiny Tattoos You’ll Want To Get ASAP

10 Tiny Tattoos You'll Want To Get ASAP

Tiny tattoos are one of the trendiest body modifications in the past couple of years. These are tattoos that practically everyone can rock, even those of us who think we are too delicate looking to get inked. Tattoos this small most likely cost the minimum $50 plus tip, and they are small enough to not interfere with any job searching or family opinions. Here are 10 of these tiny tattoos you will want to get immediately.

1. Second star to the right

This Peter Pan inspired tattoo is small enough to get anywhere and can be meaningful to the right person. The “second star to the right” is a quote from the movie and ends with “and straight on till morning.” It signifies both a love for Peter Pan and acts as a tool to remind yourself to never grow up.


2. Sibling tattoo

There are hundreds of variations of these sibling tattoos, but it’s the staple of tiny tattoos. Whether you have one, two, or more siblings, you can document your awesome relationship with matching tattoos.

3. World Traveller

If you’re into traveling, this is one of the must get tiny tattoos. You can do a globe, your favorite place to travel, or simply the word “wanderlust.” This version of the traveler tattoo shows a plane, but you could use your favorite mode of transportation.

4. Elephant

We all have a favorite animal but not many are cute enough to put on your body forever. This elephant, however, is adorable and looks a lot like the Ivory Ella elephant. If nothing else, you can say this tiny tattoo is a representation of your want to save the elephants.


5. Quote

Pick a quote, any quote! Getting a favorite quote on your body is the perfect way to join the tiny tattoo trend. Make sure you are absolutely sure about this tattoo though because quotes definitely come and go. Stick to something classic like an inspiring movie quote or famous saying.

6. Zodiac

Celebrate your astrology by getting a symbol of your zodiac sign as your tiny tattoo. It will remind you of the qualities that you possess and how it affects your personality. Plus, you know that you will never change your opinion on this tattoo!


7. Coordinates

Pick out your favorite place in the world and tattoo it on your body. Maybe it’s your childhood home, the coordinates of the place you met your significant other or just somewhere that makes you happy. This is a perfect version of tiny tattoos.

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8. Disney

Everyone likes Disney. At least they should! What more could you ask for than getting a symbol of the “Happiest Place on Earth” tattooed on you forever? This Tinker Bell tattoo is not only adorable but inspiring as well.


9. Koi fish

I’m not exactly sure what the significance of the koi fish is but it’s one of the most popular tiny tattoos. You can get it in any color, any size or simply an outline. This is the perfect first tattoo because of its simplicity and size.

10. Sunflower

Sunflowers are bright and happy, and if that sounds like you then you need this tiny tattoo. It is another one that can be developed in any size and either an outline or in full color. To make it smaller, skip the stem and leaves and stick to the pretty flower section.

Tiny tattoos are adorable and easily hidden in case you need to. Which one are you most excited to get? Comment below!
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