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8 Tiny Tattoos That Will Start An Addiction To Ink

8 Tiny Tattoos That Will Start An Addiction To Ink

8 Tiny Tattoos That Will Start An Addiction To Ink

Tattoos are like black and white, you either hate them or love them. Sometimes you do love how they look on other people, but you are not sure how they will look on yourself. Or maybe someone has told you that tattoos are super painful, a lifetime decision and that you will mark your body forever which you shouldn’t. well, if you do want to try ink, tiny tattoos are a great solution!

They can be as big as two centimeters, but they will look so cute on your skin you might start wanting more and more. Tiny tattoos are also a good way to taste your pain tolerance towards the inking process and to check how your skin might react towards them. Before getting a tattoo always review the place or person you are planning on getting your tattoo and be sure they use tools that are super clean and brand new to avoid getting an infection or worse.

1. Little Turtle Tattoo

This small friend will swim with you into any adventures! It’s a perfect tattoo to have on your wrist or behind your ear. It has simple lines since it can be around three centimeters big.


If you are a sea creatures fan, this tiny tattoo is just for you!

2. Pastel Colors Elephant

If you are more of a colorful person you can add this tiny elephant showered in shades of blue and pink to your collection.

Elephants also symbolize wisdom and loyalty which is a great quality that can be reminded to you by this beautiful tiny tattoo.


3. Yin-Cat

This cat version of the Ying and Yang is just for true cat lovers! The Yin-Yang symbol represents the good in the bad and the bad in the good in perfect balance.

But in this tiny tattoo, they have used the classic symbol and twisted it with two super adorable cats.

4. Classic Mickey

If you are a Disney fan this tiny tattoo it’s your perfect match! Featuring a classic Mickey face you can add this small mouse to your shoulder blades or in your collarbone.


Add Mickey to your tiny tattoo collection to have the classics always in your skin.

5. Minimalistic butterfly

Butterflies symbolize hope, change, and endurance. Adding this tiny butterfly tattoo to your skin for a lifetime is a great way to be reminded of these values.

The lines of this tattoo are really simple but full of beauty you won’t be disappointed!


6. Happily ever after

If you are always smiling and your friends are always encouraged by your positive attitude, this is the tiny tattoo for you! Small emoji like smiling faces to match your bright everyday smile.

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And even though these are perfect for when you are having a rough day, look at your tattoo, smile and keep it up!


7. Ocean Waves

If you have always been a sea fan and have ever been overwhelmed by the power of waves, this is the tattoo that should mark your skin.

It can be made in a smaller version, a simpler way or you can make it with one of your best friends to be reminded of each other, and the sea, forever!

8. Sun and Moon

If you have a sister, brother or close friend you have ever wanted to get a matching tattoo with, this example it’s perfect for it! A detailed moon with a star over the sea and a small sun between the waves it’s a good way to be reminded of your true friendship.


Plus, it’s a tiny tattoo you can have in your wrist, forearm or ankle and can be easily hidden in case you need it.

Do you have any tiny tattoo yourself? Share them with us in the comments below!

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