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Tiny Room Hacks That’ll Turn Any Space Into A Cozy Hideaway

Making your space cozy with tiny room hacks can be overwhelming and difficult to complete successfully. From one person who lives in a tiny space to another, I know that it can be hard to find the room as a comforting escape. Living in a tiny room can feel stuffy and like you’ll never have enough space for everything. Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment or moving into a dorm room where you’ll have to compartmentalize your whole life, I have some great and easy tiny room hacks that’ll create a comfy space for you to escape after a long day at class or work. 

1. Storage Is Essential

There are so many storage unit products online for you to peruse, however, you’ll need a place to put these storage boxes. Or else what would be the point of storage to only clutter up your tiny space? One of the best things you can do is to raise up your bed a decent amount with bed risers. That way you can use the space under your bed for shoes, an extra compartment for clothing, or necessities that you don’t have enough space for anywhere else. Once your space is decluttered and organized with some storage you’ll be on the way to creating a home-like space that’ll you’ll never want to leave. 

2. Flowers For Energy

Add one or two flowers to liven up the room! In a tiny room, you may feel huddled to a corner but with a small plant, it will create more open and inviting energy. Succulents can be easy to maintain and fun to create a terrarium for. It’s a way to add personality and creativity to your space without overwhelming the room. Not to mention succulents are so easy to find at any grocery store or gardening center, they’re relatively easy to upkeep without the mess and will give you another reason to stay in your room longer. Your Friends and you will feel more likely to stay a while as your space will bring good times and earthy vibes. 

3. Minimal Room, Maximum Bed

Your bed is your true escape within a tiny room that is hardly moveable. So make it a place that you can relax, get comfortable, and never leave on a Sunday with this tiny room hack. Whether you want all the pillows in the world, only the most comfortable pillows, a heavy comforter, a light comforter or blankets that hide you from the world, make your bed the perfect getaway. The perfect addition to any bed is a body pillow that will allow for the most supreme comfort. But remember, a comfortable bed is up to the sleeper so put in work to find the best of the best pillows, blankets, comforter, and sheets for your bed space. You’ll end up wanting to do everything in your bed: reading, eating, studying and of course, you’ll get a good nights sleep.  

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4. One Piece of Statement Art

Bring the room together with one piece of statement art that will attract the attention to a focal point. with some dazzling art to hang on the wall or a wallpaper print, you’ll forget how small the space really is. All anyone will be admiring is the amazing art on the wall and the way it influences the other hues and cute pieces of the room. Not only will the art detract from how tiny the room is, but it’ll bring in personality and make the room a place that you are excited to come home to. 

These helpful tiny room hacks will bring you and your space together for some alone time. But the hacks will also help you to attract attention away from the tiny room feel and turn it into the coziest place you and your friends have ever experienced.

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