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35 Adorable Tiny Gifts That Are Under $30

35 Adorable Tiny Gifts That Are Under $30

Undeniably adorable tiny gifts that make the perfect presents for anyone on your shopping list this year! Great options for guys and girls!

The holidays are here and what better to give than adorable tiny gifts for those that are tricky to shop for? The gift giving season is upon us and we all have a handful of people that we just have no clue what to give. This gift guide has 35 adorable tiny gifts under $30 that are perfect for anyone on your list!

1. The MIRA 17 Oz Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Perfect for the girl who needs to sneak mimosas into her early morning classes! Comes in a variety of colors.


The perfect party game for the perfect party animal. You will be sure to laugh your tush off at your next party with this game!

3. The 1000 Record Covers Book

An amazing book for that music lover who’s stuck in a different decade.

4. Get Shit Done Thermal Travel Coffee Mug

Perfect for those of us who need a little extra motivation in the mornings! This mug will remind you about what’s important and what isn’t!

5. Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Illuminating gift for that special cyclist in your life. This is a great gift to make them feel more safe on the road while bicycling in the dark or on a busy street.

6. This Shoe Cleaning Kit

We all have a sharp dresser in our lives who could use some shoe shine! This cute kit comes with everything you could need to get your shoes in tip top shape!

7. The Cutest Unicorn of the Tea Infuser

Who doesn’t love tea and sea unicorns? There’s no better combination when it comes to drinking your tea. This definitely tops the list for adorable tiny gifts!

8. The Girl Talk Book

All of us know a hot mess who could use some real world guidance. Give her this insightful book than can teach her a lesson or two.

9. This “I Pinky Promise You” Necklace Set

For that best friend that needs a sweet pinky promise. And this way, you both get a gift!

10. Light Up Decorating Photo Display

Cute wall decor for the photographer in our life that we all love.

11. This Pocket Kim Wisdom Book

Comic Relief for the Kim K fan. With the most amazing quotes you’ve ever heard straight from the mouth of Kim Kardashian.

12. The Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp

A Temporary tat for our less daring friends who don’t want to go the whole way and would rather go for something a little less permanent.

13. A Mini Waffle Maker

For the secret chef that’s stuck in a dorm room without a real kitchen. Make as many mini waffles as you want with this cute waffle maker! * Also comes in pink.

14. An Iphone Selfie Fan

Perfect gift for the selfie aficionado. Take amazing selfies with your perfectly wind-blown hair.

15. Guitar Pick Holder Key Chain

For that spontaneous rock star we all know who needs somewhere to store their guitar picks on-the-go.

16. This Cute Beauty Blender And Stand Set

Cute beauty tools for our cute friends. Comes with three beauty blenders in different sizes! Gnomes will always top the list for adorable tiny gifts!

Makeup Sponges 5 Pcs Beauty Blender Set with Blending Sponge Holder, BONVITA Gourd-Shaped Makeup Blender-Flawless Applicator for Liquid, Creams, and Powders|Latex Free, Non-Allergenic and Odour Free

17. Kat Von D Bow N’ Arrow Set

Edgy makeup gift set for those edgy babes. Comes with A mini liquid matte lipstick and a liquid felt tip eyeliner!

18. A Mascara Sampler For Flawless Lashes

Make your pal’s lashes flutter with this great Lashstash To Go sampling gift set. And you might as well get one for yourself while you’re at it.

19. A Pretty Makeup Brush Set That’s Perfect For On-The-Go.

Pretty brushes for an even prettier recipient by Glimmer In Her Eye.

BS-MALL Bamboo Silver Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Foundation Blending Blush Face Powder Brush Makeup Brush Kit Plus Black Teardrop Makeup Blender Sponges (11pcsbamboo)


20. A Lip Sampler Gift Set

This lip sampler gift set has six different shades of super bold and pigmented lipsticks for the bold gal inside all of us.


21. The Perfect Candle For A long Distance Lover Or Friend

This is the perfect gift for the ones you love who you don’t get to see very often. This candle can also be customized!

22. Bakers Gonna Bake Apron

This is the cutest gift for our Taylor Swift innocent gal pals! Or anyone who just happens to love baking.

23. I Don’t Give A Flock Coffee Mug

This is a cute and hilarious gift for that sassy little ball of spunk we all know.

24. A Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Profound jewelry for your space junkie. All zodiac constellations are available!

25. The Tote That Tells Everyone How You Feel About Grocery Shopping

For those of us who have a burning hate for the grocery store. This bag says it all.

Emily McDowell Shopping Tote Bag Book Canvas Reusable gift GROCERIES & SH*T

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26. A Marshmallow Roasting Set

For that super hip camper that we love. Perfect for camping trips or even backyard fires!

27. “When in Doubt, Vacation” T-Shirt

Perfect for the traveler in the group who always seems to be in another country, living life to the fullest.

28. An Aromatherapy Candle That Encourages Happiness

Sweet aromatherapy for those who need a little brightness in their lives.


29. A Soothing Salt Crystal Lamp

This light with soothing benefits is perfect for that indie dude you know.

30. A Metal Marquee Letter

For the friend who dreams of having their name up in bright lights on Broadway, this is close enough.

31. A Yeti Rambler Handle 

For that fratty friend who doesn’t want to hold their cold Yeti, now they have a convenient handle they can hold onto. *Comes with two handles!

32. Starbucks Hot Cocoa Set For Two

Mugs and cocoa for the Starbs enthusiast who wants to share a little hot cocoa with a friend.


33. Swiss Miss Holiday Set

Cute cans full of warm cocoa that are sure to warm someone’s heart.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Assortment, Gift Pack 4 Tins, 6 oz Each - 24 oz Total. Perfect Christmas Gift


34. College Teams Hot Sauce Set

A manly gift for your manly athlete. This gift set can be personalized to your school team and comes with three different sauces!

35. Caraway Soup Set

A little something to melt away the winter blues.

Do you have any other ideas for adorable tiny gifts that make the cutest presents? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

35 tiny and adorable gifts

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