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Tinder Types To Stay Away From

Tinder Types To Stay Away From

Here are Tinder types you should stay away from. You can meet cool new people or even meet someone you end up dating. However, it still has its flaws.

Let’s admit it; by now most of us millennials have dabbled in the world of online dating. Whether you have slid into your crush’s Twitter DM’s or signed up for Bumble with the hopes of meeting someone, chances are you’re familiar with the concept. Mostly anyone who has used social media can relate to some form of flirtation on these sites whether it’s good or bad. This online dating phenomenon has completely changed the romance game, but there’s one app in particular that stands out in this field. The infamous Tinder has been the cause of many hookups, breakups, and, believe or not, relationships. Millions of people use this app which means there’s millions of opportunities to meet someone. However, not every one of these opportunities should be taken. Whether you’re just looking for a hookup or a serious relationship, here are some Tinder types to stay away from.

The No Bio

No, not having a bio does not make them “mysteriously cool”. Unless this person’s profile made you believe that love at first sight could be real then it probably isn’t worth the gamble of swiping right. Your bio is supposed to showcase your personality. It’s a small glimpse into what kind of person you are, what you might be looking for, and maybe your favorite color. Sure, coming up with bios is not for everyone, but wouldn’t it be great to meet the kind of person that can come up with one?

Tinder Types to Stay Away From


The One Picture Person

So picture this, you’re swiping left on everyone until you reach one person that has some potential. Curious, you click to look at their other pictures only to find…they don’t have any. It’s not that you’re shallow, it’s just that you don’t like the idea of the slight mystery. So do you take the gamble and swipe right? If they have a great bio then I would say definitely go for it, but only having one picture up says they didn’t spend much time on their profile. This might not seem like a problem, but it could mean they aren’t very active on the app and it might be a waste of a swipe.

The Crude Opener

You probably expected to receive some crude messages on Tinder. Maybe you were even looking for that. For those of us who do not appreciate it, however, we wish to have been asked if we were interested in a sexual pun before receiving one. Not everyone cares to see what you’re on the app for and apparently the “send it” motto has spread quickly amongst the online dating world. Don’t be afraid to unmatch them or even report them if it’s gone too far. Tinder has an excellent reporting system for the purpose of making you feel more comfortable.

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Tinder Types to Stay Away From

The Repeat Messenger

They message you once. Twice. Three times. Four times. You don’t answer yet they keep messaging you. It’s time to unmatch them. It’s not that they aren’t nice or anything like that, it’s just that they can’t quietly take a hint. You can unmatch them and move on and without all those notifications too. This is one of the tinder types to avoid.

Do you have a Tinder? What are some Tinder types you think everyone should stay away from? Tell us in the comments!
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